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  1. Howsit everyone. Sorry if this topic is misplaced or if the information I'm about to ask has already been covered, but here it goes. I have a closet space, approx. 4ft x 2ft x 5 1/4ft. I want to create two rooms, one for veg. and the other for flowering. I plan to use clones to flower, while using the other room to contain the mother and young clones. I'm over halfway through the Medical Marijuana Bible, but I still am unsure about space distribution. So to put it simply, 1: How should I distribute the space for veg and flower?; 2: How many of each can I have in each room?; 3: What lights should I use? (I'm lining the entire closet with mylar, unless you have better suggestions) (I'm hoping to only need two lights one per growing cycle)

    Any and all help would be greatly apreciated! Again I apoligize if this topic is out of order and if the questions have been asked beforehand.
  2. So you're splitting that one closet space into two areas?

    It depends somewhat on what strains and how big you grow them, but one square foot of floor space can veg four plants which will take up 2x2' when flowered in 5gal buckets. A 400w HPS, preferably enhanced spectrum, will get maximum growth & potency from all plants in a 2x2' area. For the one foot vegging space, a few CFL's would be fine or else you could use around 150-200w of HID. This all still leaves a couple square feet for mothers, cloning, supplies, etc.
  3. Yeah I was planning on splitting it in two, it doesn't have to be two equal sized rooms. But from what your saying I can veg 4 plants in 1sq/ft and flower them all in 4sq/ft?

    Oh and what kind of cfls would you suggest?

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