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Closet grow-op

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by codyhc, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what's the best way to go about putting together a decent closet grow.

    This will be my first grow, and I'm only growing enough for the family *mom, dad, myself* so I'm not looking at a super high yeild, and stealth isn't an issue...no need since the whole house hold smokes.

    Now, I'm wanting to use CFL/Soil and my whole closet will be used so I don't need to make anything for right now *I might later once I get the hang of growing for clones/mothers/veggy plants*

    Basically all I'm really wanting to know now is what all I really need, how many, and what brands to get.

    I was going to get some type of fox farm soil, use the CFLs, 5 gal pots per plant *most likely 4 total* a small box fan, therm and humid meter, ph meter, and food.

    I can't cut holes, or otherwise change the building structure as this is rent house, and was simply going to open the door during day light time to help vent.

    Any tips or secrets of the trade for a noob? Certain brands of food or soil or lights that you've found to work the best? Number of lights and what kinds I'd need for 4 plants?

    Also, if there anyway I can "party plant" long enough to see if I have girls or boys? Then transplant to 5 gal/per plant?

    End result "shopping list" and tips on set up? Price isn't REALLY an issue, but I'd like to keep it as low as possible...

    Thank you very much for any advice/tips! Means a lot!
  2. 5 gallon pots work, but they might be unnecessarly large for a closet grow. 3 gallons should do it, and it'll save you money on soil.

    As for "party planting" I'd just start a bunch of seeds and then weed them out as they get bigger. I'd start the seeds in jiffy pots or whatever until they're ready to be transplanted into bigger containers. I'd put them into 1 gallon containers after that until you can determine which ones you're going to grow out. Hell, I used 2 liter bottles this time around. They'll be better off in individual containers though.

    As for the CFL's, get a bunch of 'em. 100watts per plant, more the better.

    You can always purchase a junk door and install that in its place so you can cut ventilation holes (just an idea) But I don't have any ventilation in my closet either and all I do is open the door a few times a day.
  3. Well, now I'm confused lol.

    Everywhere I look/ask everyone seems to say 5 gals are the best...

    Thanks for the imput though :D

    Anyone else have any help/suggestions?
  4. I thing the three gals will work best in a closet. GH and Advan nutes are good.
  5. [quote name='HighOnTheHill']Hell, I used 2 liter bottles this time around.

    Dont use anything clear, the roots like the dark. Idk if it would matter much at this stage, but its good to know info.

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