Closet grow needs help.

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  1. So I'm starting another grow, except this will be indoors in a smaller setup, I've been lucky with my other grow room for the temps to be perfect for my 600w. But this one i'm almost gonna guess my plants will cook.

    My room is 2x3x8 with a 400w mh/hps and i'm trying to find the right cfm fan to totally exchange air in 15 seconds. anyone have any ideas?
  2. 2x3x8=48SQF. 450CFM fan will exchange the air ~ with in 8-7 seconds ,150CFM fan ~ exchange all the air with in 24 seconds...
  3. Whats your math on figuring that out so I know for future reference?
  4. 2ft * 3ft * 8ft = 48ft³

    48ft³ / 15s = 3.2ft³/s = 192ft³/60s = 192ft³/min

    I hope I got this right, I'm used to the metric system :D

    If you're planning on using a carbon active filter you should add another 30% to your 48ft³ and even more if you're using long ducts/pipes. Bent ducts are even worse.

    I'd probably go with something like 250 ft³/min
  5. Nope, no carbon filter or even air cooled 400 watt, but if thats everything I need to know, I really appreciate your help big time, my girls will love you.
  6. What do you think about this fan? [ame=] 6-Inch 110VAC 250 CFM In-Line Duct Fan: Electronics[/ame]
  7. Mine is similar to that one (about 110cfm for a smaller space) and works good so far, but I don't have that much experience, you should probably wait for more replies :)

    400w for 2x3x8 is a lot, man
  8. Haha any help is better then none.
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    I have 150CFM and 450CFM VORTEX fans, both are fine and come with 10 year warranty. CAn fans are also good.
    One in your link not a fan but duct buster it not gonna be enough ... You need a fan , not a duct buster.....that one just not going to work....

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