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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MaYDaY, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. Hello GrassCity!

    I'm going to be growing two or three plants in my closet. The strain I'm using will be the KC Brains Northern Lights Original and the closet I have measures just over 4 X 5 X 7 feet, so I have just over 20 square feet.

    The light setup I was going to use was this product from eBay. It comes with a reflective ballast, a 400 watt HPS bulb, and a 400 watt MH conversion bulb. On another website's forum, however, a member told me that this setup would not work for my closet because the amount of lumens is not enough to cover the entire thing. He said I would need to section it off, or else spring for bigger lights. I don't understand why I would have to have the entire room lit when I will only be growing a few plants directly under the light. Am I totally missing something or am I correct?

    Also, I think that heat might be a concern. Luckily, my closet does have an air vent near the baseboards to the right of the door. Does anyone have some recommendations for getting the heat out of the room? The attached image is a top view.

    Any and all help will be used and *MUCH* appreciated!

    Thank You!

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  2. I probably should of added that I've already read that FAQ and a few others thoroughly.
  3. nope u aint missing anything, the walls wont reflect as much of the light as they wud if they was a ft closer but its no gr8 loss. a good size 4 a 400w hps is 4ft by 4ft, thats just wot u have + a extra 1ft to put ur fans and other stuff in. if the vent was at the top insted of at the bottom id say that room was made 4 a 400w growlamp.

    when venting u wanna get the hot air from the top of the room out and cool air in at the bottom. a lengh of ducting and a fan near the top wud sort that, if u cud leave the door open and have a fan in the doorway blowing cool air on the plants that wud b ideal.
  4. is that a big growbox or a room?
  5. That's my closet.
  6. oh ok, oso your using the entire closet to grow in?
  7. obviously... or maybe he will grow outside the closet... sorry im just stupid somtimes...

    mayday, I think its a good idea, maybe add some different venting options and add a different picture with how your light is going to be setup and where your plants ae going to be located.


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