Closet grow material, YES or NO and WHY

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    So I know I keep posting these grow box threads and it's probably annoying some people haha, but I just want to make sure this material will work before I go buy//build it! It's easy, cheap,
    and light weight! Please tell me your thoughts or concerns! It's available at Home Depot. Would there be any problems using insulated material? Here's the material:
  2. I'm no expert, but I really don't think that it is at all possible to grow cannabis with discount airlines.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Also, it doesn't have to be this material. this just seemed like it would work well. I do want something light however and something I can make for somewhat cheap.
  4. I would say NO(!) to building a growbox with that stuff... it looks like nothing more than industrial-sized styrofoam. You could do it, hypothetically, but it wouldn't be structurally sound at all.

    Why not just buy low-grade plywood? You could construct a 4'x4'x2' box for under $50, I would imagine.

    Why is the weight of your box an issue for you, if you don't mind my asking?
  5. would this be any less stable than a grow tent?? Besides what is so heavy that it has to support? The lights would probably be the heaviest part. I could use ply... It's just more of a pain n the ass and more expensive. Plus if I want or need to move it, I would have to take it all apart just to move it
  6. The problem is, it's styrofoam... you could nail it together, glue it, tape it, whatever... no matter how you put it together, all I see in your future is the box falling apart completely.

    I don't think that just buying the wood would be that much more expensive. If you get the thinnest kind, it shouldn't be all that heavy.
  7. PLEASE don't use that pink foam stuff man... Have you ever seen it burn? Ever seen styrofoam burn in general? It burns with an almost invisible flame that spreads rapidly while the foam just kinda disappears like it's vanishing in sphere-like shapes while it disappears. It hisses and burns hot. I'd be terrified to put a HID light in there unless cooling and wiring were better than ideal.

    I'm sure other people will disagree, but plywood isn't too much more money. Check lowes or homedepot or whatever and ask for "OSB" it's the cheapest shit you can buy. I forgot which one I went to, but I got huge sheets for like 5 bucks a piece. I think they were like 8 by 10 or something. They had a saw there and offered to cut it to my specs too. I went in with hand drawn prints, and left with cabinet pieces...
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    OK, here's what I'm thinking at this point. I want something lightweight so that if need be I can move or dwisassemble this thing easily. With plywood in a closet, it seems like it would be a bitch to take this thing apart in my closet. Not to mention, all the plywood I'm seeing at home depot/lowe's is heavy. I'm not sure what OSB stuff you're talking about. WHen I went there yesterday, all the OSB they had was about 3/4 - 1 inch thick and wasn't any cheaper than regualar plywood!!

    Now I know you don't like the foam, and quite frankly if it's dangerous I don't want to use it. But can someone help me figure out if it would be dangerous to use?? I read on the specs for the foam that it DOESN'T ignite easily. BUT when it does ignite it lights up quick. In the specs I read, it also stated I believe the igniting point is about 150 - 200 degrees. Would the inside of the box ever get that hot?? I'm not sure I see that happening?

    Here is a link to someone else using the foam as a box with success:

    ALSO, it seems that if I'm going to spend $100 for a plywood setup ($12 x 5 for plywood + 2 x 4's + mylar + misc...) + the time to put together, then it's going to cost about the same just to buy something! SOOO, if the foam doesn't work and is dangerous......

    what do you guys think about the "grow boxes" that are pre-build ($100) on ebay:|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1309|301:1|293:1|294:50|66:2|65:12|39:1|240:1309|301:1|293:1|294:50

    Are these pretty good? Or would I be better off just building something?
  9. I say you cant beat self built, as long as you know what your doing to some extent. Those tents are good, but can be a pain in the ass i'd imagine hanging lights in, and getting stuff sealed for odors, but not unusable.
    You could do a 4x4x4 cube out of plywood with no problems for $50 if you already have the tools you need.
    Keep safety #1 bro, especially if others live with you where your growing.
  10. the tents aren't sealed and leak? What about the foam setup in that post? I guess I could do 4x4x4 to make it easier/cheaper. I was going to do 6' but the other thing is not sure if I have tools to make the holes/door I'm plywood
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  12. Ok, I got it! I will build the frame sized for my closet out of 2x4's OR pvc and will use b&w poly (panda film) as the cover (light proof and sealed). My own grow tent. How much poly would I need to buy for a 3.5' x 3.5' x 6' sized frame? 50'? 100'?

    what do you think? :)
  13. Well, that would be 4 walls (one with a door/access) of 3.5x6 each and a 3.5x3.5 top, so about 96 sq ft of actual usable panels.
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    cheapest option is a huge wardrobe box from uhaul. it's almost the size of a closet and the cardboard is double corrugated. they're like 17 bucks. you could spray paint the inside white and suspend a light inside from the metal coat hanger rack it comes with or whatever. cut your own access door in with a razor. easy to add fans- just cut them in. you could staple on wooden campaign sign stakes (plow marker stick thingys from construction sites) to the inside for extra support or to hang screens/lights from etc.

    sometimes you can even get the box for free from uhaul because they have a free used box swap where other customers leave old supplies. Try to get a refridgerator box from a local store or delivery company etc. If you needed to hide it you could just remove the plants and fold it up. less than 20 bucks= cheap grow tent.
  15. That's not a bad idea! Are they pretty reliable and good at keeping smell contained? I found them on the uhaul site but it seems the largest one they have is a little smaller than I wanted?

    I think a 400w might warm it up quite a bit or would it work? How many plants could I fit in that space??

    I may try to get a refrig box if that box is too small. I like the idea of the box.

    What about the pvc + poly? WOuld def be more expensive than a BOX haha...What do you think?
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  17. Ok, I've acquired a refrig card board box and going to pick it up today. I'm curious what size I should make the holes for the in/out vents on the box. I want to start getting the dryer hose, fans, and building a carbon scrubber so I need to know the sizes I should use. 6"? 10"?

  18. That actually does sound like a good idea for a cheap DIY grow tent.
  19. Bit late to throw my opinion in now but had I read this earlier I would have told you that here in the UK I grow in my garden shed in a grow box made of very similar material to the kind you were originally talking about. Called Celotex, it's cheap, 2" thick, lightweight, lightproof, cuts with a sharp knife so dead easy to trim for awkward spaces and to cut holes out for fans etc, it can be joined easily with gaffer tape, is easily strong enough to suspend lights from, keeps the plants warmer in winter and, in my last two grows (with a 400w hps) seemed perfectly safe to use. It was also recommended to me by the guy from my local grow shop when I asked about his grow tents - can't get more honest than that.......

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