Closet Grow (Do I need an intake?)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AmightySo, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hey I'm new to growing cannabis and I was wondering if I need a intake fan?
    My closet is 2x4x6
    I have a fan above my grow room at the top pulling hot air down through a vent and out from underneath my door when it's closed.
    I do have to squeeze the end of the venting to make it fit under the door but it pulls air nicely and keeps my closet around 80-85 degrees. I have no intake fan, just a fan blowing air onto my 200w cfl.
    When it's time for the light to turn off, I turn the exhaust fan off and keep the regular fan on that's blowing air onto my plants/light.
    Without the exhaust+light and just that fan it keeps my closet at a perfect 75 degrees. I'm new and I would love all the feedback that can be given! Thanks
  2. I'm guessing no one can assist me. That's alright too.
  3. Yes proper air exchange is vital to a plants health and vigor.
  4. Passive intake works fine, no intake fan needed as long as the exhaust fan works well enough
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  5. Look, Ill give you the best advice I can. I am also on my first grow, and my area is similar in size. What I would recommend is putting a small fan near the floor of your grow space. Also, is there a way you can leave your closet open enough to mount the exhaust at the gap in the top, while allowing fresh air to be pulled in through the gap in the bottom, and thus have the fresh air circulated by the fan near the floor? I have a tent inside my closet and this worked for me. Sorry if this didnt help, and good luck on the grow bud.

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