Closet Grow | 400 HPS | 3 Plants | Full setup [pics]

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mjboy, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. OK yesterday i took my boy to get his light from my hydro shop. He got everything he needs for veg and flower.

    He got a 400 HPS with blue spec.

    Bigger posts for the growth

    Mylar for the walls

    nutrients for the plants

    Black tarp to cover the light.

    pump and mini res (you dont see it in the pics)

    So we decided to hook it up and man does it look good. Hes going to flower maybe 4 - 5 plants in his hallway closest. Hes going to get a squirrel fan and make a hole in the wall for the heat. its going to get hot in there and we need to move that air out.

    here are the pics

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  2. Nice but seriously you thought about investing in an extractor fan thats going to stink. Security is not optional when your freedom is at stake.
  3. He plans on it. and i agree but were in Cali and have med cards. so were ok.
  4. Ahh you lucky lucky man. I watched that movie the other day "Super High Me" I was shocked at whats going on in california at the moment.
  5. lol dont be it will soon be everywhere the rate were going.
  6. where can I see this movie. I must have missed this one LOL
  7. you can get the movie at the superhighme website. or try to torrent it.
    good movie. lots of fun fun facts.

    i'm planning on working on a closet grow quite like this one. my closet is a bit bigger. the only problem i'm having is how and where should i mount my carbon filter + Fan so it don't reek up my apt. the worst part, medical cards are a no no here. =( so i need to be extra careful with mine. as i live in a huge metro area.

    good luck with your man, i'll be checking in
  8. you should really consider using mylar film instead of tin foil, that shit will burn holes in your leaves and decrease production.
  9. he is using mylar, its in the list in the first post

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