closet clones Need cfl help

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by redrum714, May 25, 2009.

  1. Im setting up my closet for cloning with my humidity dome. ill be using a cfl on a 14 hr light schedule and i need to know what the appropriate wattage that should be used is?1!?!?! :cool:

    ty for replys.
  2. im a noob myself but shouldn't clones be 24/0 lighting?
  3. As long as the dark period is <12 hrs, it will be fine. It just won't get as much light and therefore won't get as much energy
  4. yee your right it's 18-24 lighting period, (i ***ed up).

    but that's alright, so any ideas on my light?

    I want to avoid heat problems since it's going to be on a long schedule and in a closet, and I need a reliable light that's great for cloning.

    6500k (daylight) is what i had in mind but the wattage that shud be used is unknown
  5. I have a 23w daylight CFL over my clones. I've been told that the clones will do just fine with even ambient light, but I don't know how true that is. As long as they're getting light and not getting burned/dried out, they should be fine. I use the higher wattage bulb cuz, the way I see it, more energy for any plant isn't really a bad thing. I make sure the dome is always nice and humid and it works for me. I don't have it in the closet, that's where the hydro setup is now, I just have the dome on my desk in the bookcase part :p
  6. alright sounds good thank you sire

    heat shouldn't be a problem and if it is, ill just bring in a fan :hello:

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