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    Hey GC,

    These plants have been vegging for about a month and a half, I switched them to 12/12 about a week and a half ago.

    They all came from bag seed. I know for a fact several of them are Silver Lemon Haze, Bubblegum, Ice Cream, Strawberry Cough, a no-name purple strain, and some others. No mids, only the dankness.

    They haven't shown any signs of sex yet, and I swear to god I check like every other hour for any changes... the wait is killing me!

    Are there any more experienced growers out there that can give me some insight as to when I might expect to see some pistols? or if there is an inkling of which way they'll go?

    As you can see in the pictures, some of the plants in the aerogarden suffered a little nute burn early in life, but for the most part have come back strong. Also one of the aerogarden plants unfortunately got a little heat burn from a leaf getting hung up in a cfl coil.

    Other than that, no real problems yet.

    Im using tiger bloom with big bloom at about 1/3-1/2 the recommended dosage.

    Whaddaya guys think? Any suggestions?

    I have more photos of the plants growing up if anybody is interested.


    Sorry, I forgot to include my lighting setup...

    I have a 660W HPS floodlight rigged to hang from a wooden hanger, the aerogarden lights (3 27w CFLs if im not mistaken, hanging from the chain I have this light --> HTG Supply - 4 Foot 2 Lamp High Output T5 Fixture

    And I also have (4) 27W CFLs burning at 5000k and (2) 25W CFLs burning at 2800k or 2300k, cant remember.

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  2. No love? could really use some feedback
  3. Are you keeping them in the same container the entire time? Are you worried about your roots choking each other out?
  4. Your grow looks like it's going ok. If you are using a 600w HID, there is no need to have the other supplemental lighting. You are just making your energy bill higher. I would rig up or buy a reflector for the HID so that the light spreads around. A 600w HID is more than enough for the amount of plants you have. IMO...

    It also looks as if there is a slight ph issues with the aerogarden plants.

    There is a saying... "A watched pot never boils" well, I feel your anxiousness, but checking them every hour is like starring at the clock when you're at work.

    The best thing to do is to try to forget about them and only check them once a day. I know it's hard, especially on the first grow, but it will get easier as you get more experienced.

    Keep up the good work. Remember that patience is a virtue! LOL

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    I had planned on keeping them in the same containers... I figured I'd be getting rid of some males anyways, so there would end up being more room for the roots after that. Also, I was thinking that by keeping the soil plants in relatively small containers I could limit their overall height.

    I can understand what you're saying. But you can't go wrong with more light though right? I didn't have to hardly pay for any of the equipment for this grow... The HPS and 4.5' grow light were gifts, the aerogarden is my sisters, the clamp lights and stands I just had, along with the mylar. So i figure all the money I saved on that equipment, I can probably splurge on a little extra power.

    Also, does anybody have any bright ideas how i could make a reflector for that HPS?

    I just did a little LST action to three of the plants in the aerogarden with the hopes of getting a little more light on some of the plants in the back row as well.
  6. Update 8/17

    It's a girl!

    First signs of pistols today! Couldn't be more excited. Off to buy a bottle of champagne in celebration of my first female!

    Everything is looking good so far. I gave my soil plants their first flush the other day, and they're responding quite well.

    Let me know if you guys see anything that I can improve upon

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  7. Looking good my friend but you should really consider some bigger pots bro cuz you have a lot of light to work with and Im sure after a transplant theyll explode with growth. Juss my opinion tho but keep up tha good work subd brutha

  8. Congrats for ur Girl, 1 GoodAdvice, separate the plant to solo containers, when they are like that, one plant is going to overcome the other ones, my humble advice cuz I did it n had to learn the ruff way ! lol HappyGrowing
  9. Thanks for the advice guys, I looked around my house and I found a couple of pots laying around. It was lucky because I really don't have enough money to go buy new ones. I would put the size of the yellow one at about 1-1.5 gallons and maybe a gallon for the blue clay one. I moved the plants in the window boxes as far away from each other as possible so the roots have room to spread out... Do you think I'll be ok with this setup? or should I save up for some new pots?

    This is quickly turning into a full closet grow, as opposed to the half-a-closet-tiny-corner setup i was originally intending... but these plants are so beautiful that I could really care less. I'll have to start thinking up plans for some type of DIY exhaust/ventilation system, but I think I'll be ok for a week or two given that I just saw my first pistil today.

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  10. End of day update...

    6 out of 12 plants have shown themselves as female :)
  11. how do you write so neatly ? do you have a touch screen or drawing pad?

  12. Photoshop+ Global Sites = Excellence.
  13. nice thanks!
  14. Update 8/18

    5/6 plants in the Aerogarden have gone female.

    4/6 Soil plants have gone female.

    The other three have not shown sex yet.

    I'm beginning to think that I may be the luckiest guy ever. While I am absolutely ecstatic that I have so many females, I do have some concerns. I was kind of anticipating having some males to chop down, especially from the Aerogarden, I figured at least half of them would go male, and then the remaining plants in there would thrive on the extra light and space. Now that seems to be out of the equation.

    My question is this: is it possible to transplant a couple of these hydro plants to soil? I did it soil-->hydro before, but that was kinda nerve wracking, and theses roots are pretty damn long. Do you think I could get away with just letting the plants go, or should I maybe consider doing some type of modified LST to spread them out a little and get them more light?
  15. Update 8/20

    Plants are starting to grow extremely fast. I'm loving it. Still looking for the best method of odor control... Thinking of an ONA bucket with a carbon scrubber.

    One plant that was transplanted has developed some interesting spots... Any idea what they could be? Im guessing just a ph issue. Going to buy a test kit tomorrow.

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  16. Update 8/31

    Haven't posted in awhile... I'm about a week and a half into flowering. Things are going waaaaaay better than anticipated. The only real problem I have had is when my hps light fell off of the makeshift rigging i had it hanging from, and broke my little tiny short plant in half. No worries though, it repaired itself and immediately started flowering.

    I suppose I'll let the pictures do the talking.

    they should all be in chronological order.

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  17. Continued.

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  18. Continued.

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  19. All 11 and 1/2 girls are going strong!

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  20. Looking good man, I'll be checking back again when you update. Where did you get the name tags? I LOVE THEM!

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