closest you've been to being caught by the cops?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Doodsmack, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Has anyone else ever almost got in trouble w/ the police for somethin weed-related? just wonderin cuz about a month ago i got pulled over in the middle of this town because my car was seen parked behind a store looking suspicious. the anonymous citizen informant. i know i got really lucky cuz i was high as sh*t and the cop must have known.
  2. i was twisting a joint then the police came and they saw it :p luckily it's legal to have it so they couldn't do anything
  3. Once at a concert, I was busted by security. I managed to pass the pipe off to a friend, but I still had about an 1/8th of buds in my pocket. The security guard drags me outside the auditorium where the concert is being held (although still inside the building). We stop next to a police officer. At this point, I was sure he was gonna turn me in to the cop, and I was getting ready to make a break for it. The security guard says, "Do it outside, don't do it in my building." He says this loudly enough for the cop to hear, so now I'm thinking that I'm gonna get busted anyway. But the cop didn't even turn his head, and the guard let me back in the concert!
  4. Me and a friend were cruising around the residential streets in my town at night. He was driving, and we were passing a pipe between us. We went by a city park, and said "Hey, lets drive around there!" There's a one-way perimeter road that goes around the whole place. As were driving in, I noticed a car behind us. Ah crap. As we went around the end and were going back up the other side, I could see the car going the other way across from us. Sure enough it was a cop. Oh crap! I put the pipe in the glove box. Then he comes up behind us and lights 'em up. OH CRAP! We roll the windows down and try to get in "sober mode", since we were fairly high at that point.

    He walks up to the car... "The reason I pulled you over is because the parks closed, closes at 10." I think it was about 11, the gate was open and there were no signs saying so. My friend was just like "Oh, we didn't know." Cop asks my friend "You been drinking?"... "No"... "Then how come your eyes are messed up looking?" He said it was his allergies, and the cop accepted that answer. Then he asked for our IDs and went back to his car.

    He was back there forever. Maybe it was because we were high, but it seemed like ten minutes. We were like "C'mon, c'mon, what's taking so long"... Finally he walks back up, hands our IDs back, and says "Y'all have a good night." WHEW!

    I think the reason he didn't smell it was becasue the river runs right beside that part of the road, so there was a strong stagnant water kind of smell.
  5. Everytime I smoke out my window a cop drives. I swear to God. Every single fucking time.

    No incidents yet...I just wanted to contribute.
  6. I was stoned the other night and thinking about my it possible that cops can only search your car if they actually smell the weed? that would seem to be the more reliable evidence, since there are many possible causes for red eyes. i had just put air freshener in my car that day so chances are the cop didn't smell anything.
  7. One time me and 2 other friends were smoking behind a little strip mall type place , we were just standing against a wall and the road that goes around the stores was like 10-15 feet away right infront of us. And then a cop just rolls by, we couldn't see the car coming because there was a big wall so once you see a car its to late. But the cop just kept on going and didn't stop or turn around. Thats the closest I've been to getting caught by the cops and I would like to keep it that way.
  8. i got followed by a cop twice for like 15 mins and i was gone luckily nothing came of it
  9. I got two seperate occasions, both real close calls.

    The first, me and two friends were ripping bongs in one kids car at a parking lot late one night. Car rolls in, we decide to bounce, turns out its the cops. We stash all the shit (all of us had stuff on us) and crack the windows. Cop comes by, luckily he was pretty chill, just told us to leave and find someplace else to hang out. Scared the shit out of me though.

    The second time, I had just smoked up after work and was going to a friends house with two of my buddies. One of em packed up a bowl in my car, and was hitting it as we drove past a cop car (stupid kid, I know). The cop pulls a badass U-turn in the middle of main street and gets right up on my ass and pulls me over. Luckily, I knew the cop from work and was pretty chill with the guy. Turns out he definately knew we were stoned, but let us off anyways. Who says all cops are dicks?

  10. not me!
  11. i smoke in my garage (which is seperated from the house). i had the side door open and my neighbor (who's a cop) was working out on his back porch and could visibly see me. i didn't realize this til after i was done, so i don't know if he saw me or not.

  12. yea me and my roomate were tokin in our dorm room last year and (its a nonsmoking dorm) which SUCKED..anyways, we had JUST finishedthe last bowl when we get a call on holly's cell saying "THERES COPS AT UR DOOR!!" We had the tv and music up so loud we ddnt hear. so, I threw my pipe inbetween acouple hockey kerseys and packed it down. I tried to put in visine but whatever. We sprayed god knows what to cover teh reek of weed. I opened the door....theres 2 cops and a DRUG DOG!!! i was liek FUUUCK!!! hes like "ahem, were here because we think you have marijuana in there. Our dog is indicating a strong scent of it." I was liek uhhh, yea, No. "so u dont have any.. or not anymore..." What was I going to say no??the room REEKED and i looked damn high as hell. Iwas liek uhh not anymore. "Can we come in?" yeaaaa. One pulled my friend out and one kept me int he room to show where we had smoked. I told him we had only joints cuz i didnt want him to take my pipe!! I was praying to god that the dog wouldnt find it... So after a half hour search of our room, the dog didnt find it!!!!! YES! we got out of the misdemeanors because -get this- "We looked like we were sorry enough for it, and we wouldnt do it again" HAHAHAAAA suckers. I smoked every damn day after that in there. stupid cops.
  13. i was at a mindless self indulgence concert in boston not too long ago and cuz theres that no smoking inside buildings deal smokking inside would have been waaaay to obvious. So me and a friend went outside with 2 joints lit one up with some girl that was smoking a cig out there and then just as we finish it i see the "event staff" comming from behind me so i try to look like im doing something and take out my phone to look at the time. THen hes like you guys need to leave and my friend tried to argue that we didnt have anything on us but once he remembered i still had the other joint on me we were just went with him. This was my first time bein kicked out of a concert and i was really high so i didnt think much of it untill I remembered that i still had that joint on me and i didnt know if i should ditch it or not, but the guy just led us outside and we went to mcdonalds and we smoked the joint at a friends house when we got home.
  14. 2 stories,

    1st, my friends and i wanted to smoke before seeing finding nemo, so my genius friend who's driving decides to roll into a public park, and of course its clsoed at night. One friend gets our right away with a packed chillum, but since its a jeep, i'm still trying to get outta the back. we dont hear them coming but right after we got there 2 cop cars roll up behind us and turn their spots on our cars(my other friend came in a different car). the friend with teh chillum drops it in teh otehr kids car adn the cop sees it and goes and gets it. thankfully this friend is quick thinking, and throws the tin with about an 8th in it into the field next to the parking lot, but a cop sees him throw something. The cop leads him around to find what he threw, but of course my friend leads him away from it. Since all we had was the chillum and after they searched teh jeep they found nothing they let us go after taking our names. THe other friend that drove doesnt smoke but he wasnt so lucky, they searched his car too and he had a bottle of jack daniels and another of vodka in the back, and he also smelled like liquor. So he got fucked and we got away, and later that night we went back and found our weeed! ahhh, too long of a story.

    2nd time i nearly had a heart attack casue we had just bought 3 new pieces from a head shop and smoked out of them on the way home. My friend is high so he accidentally takes the wrong exit to get back towards where we live, and it ends up being the back entrance area to the CIA. and if you live around here/know anything about the CIA you know if you make a wrong turn down the main entrance they take it very seriously, guns and dogs and shit. Thankfully this was just the VIP sorta entrance and its just got 2 big gates so we didnt get stopped, but there was a cop car that musta seen us go in and followed about 500 feet behind us. we were able to get back to the main road cause i guess a lot of people accidentally go down here, but i thought for sure we were fucked.
  15. Alittle over a year ago, my friends and I were all chilling at my neighbors house, smokin' and playing halo. Well, there's a knock at the door and my neighbor runs upstairs. All of a sudden he flies back downstairs and goes, "It's the cops!" I toss him his metal pipe, and he misses the pack of zig-zags just sitting out in the open. Cop comes down and asks if anything is wrong. Now, keep in mind there are huge ass posters on this guys wall showin how to roll all kinds of different joints and cones. Cop asks what the game is, and we end up talking to this cop about Halo instead of the puffing we were doing 5 minutes earlier. Apparently someone had called 911.. Nothing else ever came of it.
  16. me and 3 of my friends are tokin and almost got caught. we were at this park in our town and there r baseball diamonds, so we r in one of the dugouts (with covered walls and a roof) and we r tokin, we just finish up our first bowl a cop rolls into the parking lot (we had parked on a nearby street so our car wasnt visible) well there was snow on the ground so the cop sees our foot prints and gets out of the car and starts shining his flashlight and coming towards us. we all decided to run so we just take off running and we dont realize that the whole place is fenced in with barbed wire but we eventually find an open gate so we book it through, lose the cop and call a friend of ours to come pick us up...damn it was scary
  17. ok this is as accurate as i get cause i dont remember ALL that much of this nite...

    it was a party a few weeks ago and i was drunk of my ass. so im chillin up in my friends room tryin to juss chill down a little cause i was retarded and i just smoked downstairs. so this girl comes in and is like alrite be calm cops are here im like o shit but since i was upstairs i don't know what happened exactly but the whole house smelled like chronic there was alcohol bottles EVERYWHERE and the cops were parked down the street for about 45 minutes to see if anything happened i guess. that was closest for me
  18. freshman year me an a bunch of people were going out "trick or treating". So we had 4 cartons of eggs, a roman candle, a bowl, and some weed and were outside getting ready to head out when a cop car pulls up in front of my friends house and we were cool because we hadnt done anything, were talking to the cops joking around, then a few of us realize the cops headlights are shining into the backpack with a carton of eggs and a roman candle (fireworks are illegal here) sticking out the top.

    Later that night we were walking around, and of course someone called the cops on usfor walking around in peoples yards and shit, plus one of the idiots i was with egged a fucking COP CAR so now the cops are looking for us with loud speakers and shit and l ike 15 of us scatter every the fuck which way and wait for the cops to rolll by to head back

    Then we played with a fog machine and made it so we couldnt see the hand in front of our faces (oh if it were only real smoke)
  19. i was token it up under a bridge with my friends when i cop drove by. her mustof stopd because of the smoke. but when he got down there he was like 15ft from us and we split like a mofo. he chased for about a 1/4 mile until we hopped a huge gate and he gave up.

    i ended up losin my 2ft bong and a 8th of white widow. fuckin pig

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