Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Shwaaaan, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. ohhh I hear ya. Yeah I trim those little shits off. They just waste energy that could be devoted to the larger buds. Get rid of them with your best discretion
  2. Update:

    Alls good. Added 150 more watts to the closet
    300 total
    8 week flower plant so I started to flush
    2 weeks until Harvest
    How is she looking? Will the buds get thicker
    Just noticed tips pointing up so I moved lights up
    no browning yet just white



  3. more light, more bud ;)
  4. Update

    End of week 7 but still only a few trichs are amber.
    Here are some pics it's 8th flower week is next Friday
    Do I have to wait longer?


  5. Make sure that the amber trichs are evenly spaced out all over the buds. If there are just some random ones here or there or in one particular spot they could just be damaged trichs...
  6. If you want a stony high you should wait till its about 70% amber in my opinion.Put you to sleep nicely.
  7. even with a solid Indica, you would havea few more weeks. now if your going with a more sativa strain, it will be even longer

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