Closer grow! 150 watt HPS, BubbleBucket!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Shwaaaan, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. So I will be starting my first grow as soon as my seeds arrive, I've been reading a lot about this before I decided to go thru with my plan.
    I'll be growing in a 5 Gal bubble bucket with the Lucas formula.
    Temps during the day are 75-78 and at night stay a constant 70 degrees.
    I have a TDS meter and Ph meter all set to go
    I will be updating when my seeds arrive and take any advice as help throughout this grow!
    Thank you!
  2. Sounds like a good one to me! Postin up riiii herr w my co2 oil and rig
  3. are these temps WITH or WITHOUT lights?

  4. With lights is 75-78 never goes over
    Without my house heater keeps the whole house at a steady 70-71
    Got my beans today and started the germination for my first girl Vanilla Kush!
    Using the paper towel method
    Tonight I will start soaking a Rapid Rooter in 5.6 Ph for water until the taproot comes out
  5. Haha just realised I spelled closet wrong in the thread title.
    Anyways I have a question about my seed inside the Rapid Rooter?
    I'll be using a plastic cup with holes as a start up humidity dome
    I have my bucket water level an Inch into the Hydroton and with the bubbles going the water will keep the bottom portion of my rapid rooter a little wet, will that be ok so I do not have to water my seed? It just cracked today and is starting to reach with its taproot but I'll put it into the RR tomorrow
  6. u should use a 2 litre bottle for a humidity dome and dont put the seedling into the dwc until the plant is well rooted

  7. Could I use a plastic water bottle? Just recently recycled my plastics so I have water bottles and a clear plastic cups
  8. Woke up this morning and moves my seed into the RR that has been soaking in Ph adjusted water for 36 hours
    Put inside my closet with the light on

    I've had problems with my Rapid Rooter becoming bone dry after only 5 hours so I'll be monitoring it throughout the day

    Any fixes on this ?
  9. get creative!
  10. Well as expected the RR dried out while I was sleeping. Fuckkng pissed
    Started germinating a C99 seed.

    Can someone please help me with this damn rr drying out????
  11. you need a humidity dome
  12. dude COVER IT WITH PLASTIC!!!! put it in an upside down plastic tote, or make something with seran wrap!!! GET CREATIVE!!!

  13. Haha calm down.

    Anyways just put my c99 in a Rapid Rooter. Taproot was about 1/3 inch long
    When should I put it under lights ?
    It's currently on a dresser with a plastic cup over it
  14. Just popped outta the Rockwool today
    Thrown under the light for 4 hours and off for six then to the normal 18-6 sched!
  15. **Update**

    Today I woke up and notices the taproot hanging out of my RR.
    Decided it was time to set her in her Hyrdroton home
    Water level is 1 inch into the Hydroton
    Bubbles going!

    How is it looking for day one since her seed shell fell off?

  16. its still alive...looking good :p
  17. My vanilla Kush died :(
    This is Cinderella 99!
    And good, one cotyledon ? Is yellow
    What does that mean?
  18. Smoking some Sour D x Cinderella 99 now, good stuff. Your light is probably too close. Plants that little I have under CFL's...I don't remember the details of your setup though...told you it was good stuff lol
  19. My vanilla Kush died due to my Rapid Rooter drying out when I was at work
    I just have my c99 now
    The light is 10 inches away
  20. Ph raised overnight by .9
    What could be causing this?

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