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Closed Eye Visuals

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Hey everyone. The other day at school I got a 10mg vicodin from a friend that had his wisdom teeth pulled. I took it in the morning and rode out the day on a nice, relaxed buzz. In my fifth period I always sleep so I decided I'd put my head down. After I closed my eyes and tried to sleep for a little bit I started getting visuals. I was seeing patterns and designs that were similar to what I've seen while coming down from a mushroom trip. I thought it was pretty cool but it only lasted for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes to tell my friend, they were gone.

    Anybody else experience anything like this?
  2. lol, i see shit like that all the time when i close my eyes, even when i'm not tripping/high etc...
  3. Do the visuals cover your entire field of vision when your eyes are closed? That sounds kinda stupid, but when I'm sober and I close my eyes I always get those morphing splotches, but that shits normal. The visuals I'm talking about were covering my entire field of vision and they had depth to them. One of them was a starfield that morphed into a field of bars, then the bars all opened up into cones, then I opened my eyes to tell my friend sitting next to me...
  4. I'm real tolerant of narcotics because I'm prescribed methadone for chronic back pain, due to a work injury 4 yrs ago. I take 80 mg of methadone daily & xanax in the evenings for relaxing. Also weed in-between like a snack between meals. I love the smell of methadone in the mornings, it smells like victory!

  5. Thank heavens someone else sees that! They freak me out! I thought I must have done something to my brain with too many drugs, but I see those sorts of 'graphics' at times when I close my eyes. Sometimes the patterns come at me really fast and I jerk and open my eyes. If I concentrate, I can calm down and keep my eyes closed when they come at me like that, and just let the images flow by. That is one of the coolest FREE trips around!
  6. yeah, and if i focus enough i can kinda control the patterns and shit i see, some times it can be in quite detail also...
  7. HAHAH lucky you, only see shapes and stuff when you close your eyes....we need to trade minds for an hour or so *evil grin*
  8. i suffer from ...spreatic hallutionations....

  9. i dont believe in reality...

  10. But reality doesn't depend on your belief in it in order for it to exist.

    Uh-oh. This is looking a lot like a philosophical discussion, and that's an area in which I tend to lose people as friends. And I'll have none of that. At least not in this thread.

    *tips hat to the far flung possibilities inherent in that thought*

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