Close minded people

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  1. Disappoints me every time I come across someone who can't think outside the box and refuses to have an opinion of the unknown. Just something I feel like ranting about :rolleyes:

    How do you guys feel about people who are brainwashed into a certain set of morals and beliefs?
  2. They suck. I've been all over the spectrum of pretty much everything until I selected my own set of beliefs.

  3. Exactly, I don't think someone should have firm beliefs without experiencing as much as they possibly can. That's like picking a favorite color when you haven't seen them all. Just doesn't make sense to me.. :confused_2:
  4. I always feel like some of my friends can't really be acting so naive. I feel as if they don't think the same thoughts I do.

  5. I also feel like I think differently then the majority of my friends. I think our brains just work differently.

    Or... Maybe I'm just weird? :rolleyes:
  6. Sad is my answer, I feel sad about them.


  7. Unrelated to the original post,but a thought I've had, what if there was a color out there we haven't seen, what would it look like?
  8. I always think about this and it blows my mind :smoke:

  9. Same here. It's impossible to think of a color you'v never seen. Mind blowing!! :smoke:
  10. Yea, I feel like they're missing out on a lot.. :(
  11. Will never understand this.

  12. Understand what? o_O
  13. Especially when people are close minded about smoking.. Like if you don't know anything about weed and you've never smoked then don't ever talk shit about it, just shut the fuck up.. ya know? I wish more people were open minded to smoking, this world would be a better place.

  14. I mean smoking isn't for everyone, but the people that it isn't right for shouldn't suggest anything negative about it. I mean i'm sure they don't want people hating on their life style right? It's only fair to let people live whatever life style they choose without harassing them about something you don't partake in yourself.

    If that made sense.. I'm stoned :smoke:
  15. So peoples' opposing opinions upset you? Well ...your going to get a lot of disagreement in your prepared .

  16. It's not people opposing opinions that upset me. It's how people don't even give other peoples opinions and points a view a look at. I always look at things from other peoples perspectives before making a judgement but maybe I just need to accept the fact not everyone is as fair as me.
  17. I am sorry but this is a very closed minded statement.

    Are you referencing conspiracy theories in your OP?

  18. No but I guess you could also tie that in if you wanted too.. Just in general is what I ment.
  19. Well like my first post states people are going to disagree with you . If you can find a way to positively influence their opinion then good for you and that person. If you cannot, move on, life's too short to be mad at the fact that you can't make everyone think the way you do :)
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    What??? lol

    I agree with the OP on this as "I always look at things from other peoples perspectives" is something I apply to a lot of things. I wouldn't consider that close minded. He means being fair as in "don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself". At least that's what I took from it

    Good advice!

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