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    How many of you fellow blades have very close-minded parents? They stick to their old fashioned beliefs from many years ago and haven't changed in a long time and still do not change even when presented with information contradicting their beliefs...Very hardheaded...I think this may have something to do with the internet, they just didn't have access to all the information we have now and thus their beliefs are based on poor information or none at all in some cases...I also think that they cannot accept new beliefs because it would challenge all their life choices and they simply cannot handle the fact that they may have been wrong the entire time...

    I'm posting in this section because it's a philosophy on why some people get so close-minded but I am focusing on parents in this topic. I actually think an entire generation is made out of these close-minded people who have literally been brainwashed by the television media and have made poor choices because of a lack of education.
  2. I wrote about this before in my thread. Basically, the way you think and the way your parents think (and have been accustomed to think over the years) is different and will stay different. It's almost like there is an imaginary line, and you sometimes cross it and sometimes your parents cross it -- but you never are both quite on the same page.

    I bet your parents thought the same thing when they were younger. Times change and society changes, and these are attributes of a diverse society.
  3. historically it has always taken us a very long time to realize we're wrong in many things.

    women's rights,
    freedom of speech,
    legalization of alcohol, (hopefully cannabis soon)
    religion, (freedom to exercise)
    vomiting, (to lose weight)
    euthanasia, (let someone who can't live die)
    sacrifices, (killing in the name of religion)

    on and on.
  4. Idk man i just thinkthey dont like the thought of you doing something illegal or their baby bein high haha. I feel like parents stop caring eventually like my mom used to get so pissed but now, she just wants me to take it outside and not drive while im blazed. Cant wait to move out tho haha

  5. Tell me about it. When the hell are we gonna learn that women don't deserve rights?
  6. parents didn't have access to the internet just a tiny social circle of fellow close-minded individuals and the media. I'd say their views are quite skewed
  7. There's no such thing as 'parents'. Only more enlightened or less enlightened individuals raising children.

    While I understand where the closed-minded ideas come from, and saw some of that myself as a kid, I made sure that I wouldn't be like that with mine. At least I felt able to spot those things that I'd bring with me and not pass them on. Easier said than done of course, but on the whole, I find it easy to be around the teenagers, as I rarely feel like I know things around them, and so can allow them to express themselves and be themselves more easily.

    It's not perfect, as I still had to deal with some left over shit from my own childhood, but it is much nicer not to be in conflict, to see them as people not just children.

    One of the tricky things is to go from making all the decisions that a parent has to make when the kids are very young, to giving them more and more space to make their own. There comes a point when making almost any kind of decision for them is no longer required, and all that's left is to be there in a kind of advisory capacity. Spotting when that is, realising that you've become used to being in control and letting it go is not always easy. But it is doable.

  8. When was freedom of speech ever a problem in Western society?

    When was vomiting to lose weight ever considered to be the right or safe thing to do?

    Euthenasia isn't the act of killing someone who can't live. When did we start killing zombies? If someone can't live then they're dead.

    Okay here's my thoughts on the OP:

    And concerning the OP. Your parents, like some other poster noted, don't like the idea of you being exposed to negative things. They want to protect you. It's not that their beliefs are out of date, it's just that they have an instinct to protect their young from making idiotic decisions. Teens are known for making stupid decisions; simple list of such acts would include: Drunk driving, using drugs, having kids at a young age and engaging in unprotected sex with or without hobo's.

    Your parents have you on experience. They've done some things that would probably make your hair stand on end out of uncomfortability if you ever found out about those acts. You obviously don't know your parents; why don't you learn something about them instead of using what is considered an illegal drug to escape and rebel?
  9. Some parents may appear to be so.

    However, it is important to keep in mind that closed-minded parents ultimately have no effect on you attaining boundless, limitless freedom of mind. That is a path for you and you alone. ;)
  10. It's a very uncomfortable feeling to have your assumptions manhandled by reason , leaving you in the cold of uncertainty. Hell I'm having trouble myself with accepting quantum mechanics due to its unintuitiveness.

    If they're open to reason , then you have a chance , but if not , then I wouldn't waste my energy.
  11. freedom of speech is STILL somewhat of a problem, and decades ago it was a huge problem.

    people all around the world still consider bulimia a worthy thing. fuck, some people eat tapeworms to lose weight. but this will always be an issue just like speech.

    euthanasia has always been a worldwide issue and caused many people to skew one direction or another.

    as much experience as parents or guardians may have, there will constantly be new experiences that we're going to be denied. not saying that's a good or bad thing, but especially these days, it seems there's much more overprotection than protection.

    everything can go one way or another, it's all a matte of perception and action.

  12. Somewhat? Where? Have you been on the internet lately? Youtube comments section anyone? Be realistic, dude.

    Where are these people? Just giving vague answers doesn't cut it. Unless there is verifiable facts, then I think you're making shit up. Anyway, you're refuting something I didn't say. I'm talking about Western civilisation anyway. You know, that place where the OP is from. So you're entire vague "certain parts of the world" argument cannot be used to refute my point.

    Sure. But what isn't.

    Is there any proof to what you are claiming? Were you alive during your parents teenage years, to be able to know how protective their parents were? All I'm saying is that you're assuming a lot of knowledge without actually saying anything.

    Your just taking the middle ground. That never works. Say what you think, because giving half-assed responses makes it seem like you have nothing to say.
  13. Parenting is an act of ego-gratification, in the same way having a relationship with another person is. It gives the persons involved a sense of control and possession over the child.

    With this in mind, you see that parents rarely see their child as an equal. They raised you and so you must follow their beliefs.. if you don't, they must have raised you improperly. What were you discussing with them? You must also consider that change is a huge dilemma to human beings. Especially with things such as religion, you are quite literally challenging their entire reality and world view. People like security, and they like being certain and making sure there are no surprises in their life, so a radical change in perception of reality is a very, very difficult thing to be open-minded about. Especially among older people who have lived a certain reality for such a long time.
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    damn bro.
    settle down a little. :smoking:

    even the one thing you agreed on you had to turn it around and be a douche. lol.
    it's like you argued for the sake of arguing. like freedom of speech is still an issue. don't be stupid.

  15. Now, thinking of it, that was a dickish response; come to think of it most of my responses are. Sometimes I question how much of it is even a conscious behaviour. Don't wanna jack the thread, because the OP is discussing real problems. I'll find some other way of dealing with this.
  16. Difficult, but not impossible. While previous generations had a really hard time understanding this, the kids of today, many of whom are being brought up by more enlightened parents who resonate at a different frequency, and there are many, will not have to deal with this so much. In just a few generations, beliefs will not be imposed on the kids at all, and they will simply find their own way, as we are, only from the beginning.
  17. @dragonmantek

    I did some Googling right now about that tape worm nonsense you posted, and guess what: it's a myth. There are no recorded instances of anyone deliberately ingesting a tapeworm to lose weight. Just thought I'd put it out there.
  18. I'm talking about real life not the Internet. proving that parents are overprotective is something of a challenge on its own.

    everyone should know it's much easier to say things on the Internet than in real life. Even then there are still exceptions, look at china, syria and even other countries like turkey. freedom of speech will always be an issue.

    parents are parents because of the environment they grew up around. I'm not saying parents are at fault.

    and we've had a couple of girls in our family use tapeworms with really bad outcomes. it's not that unpopular in France too.

    all in all, parents aren't to blame they really are trying to protect you, BUT most parents are awful and I find the ones that are awful are close-minded and too closed from the world and unaccepting and not giving a shit about learning even more about the world.

  19. And what's stopping from saying what we want in real life? A strict communist goverment, who jail you for even thinking anything you aren't told to think? No, you choose to filter your speech out of being polite and fear of an ass-whooping.

    It might, but let's stay on topic please. The OP was not in any way refering to China or Syria, was he? He was talking about his situation, and not Chi Dong or whoever's situation. Your argument is irrational.

    Of course you are who you are because of your experiences. Using truisms and not actually saying anything at all, but still arguing, makes no sense. And again I ask, "How do you know how these people grew up?"

    Great! Something that can't be verified. I'm talkin about the tapeworms in France. Again, it is a myth.

    Most parents are close-minded? Where are the figures that you're drawing these sweeping generalisations from? How does one measure open-mindedness? Because if you, in theory, don't agree with me, then you are, in fact, close-minded. Which would make you a close-minded hypocrite. And if you do decide to agree with me, my assertion being that you are a close-minded hypocrite, then you just validated that assertion. The implication being that you are a close-minded hypocrite, and even if you were to disagree, the implication would not change. You'll still be close-minded for not agreeing with me. And with that catch 22 brought to your attention, I ask rhetorically: "Do you agree with my point of view?"
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    So you recognize exactly what you were doing in that previous post, then you come right back and continue doing it again lol. What is your point here? You don't have one at all, you're clearly just arguing for the sake of arguing, and it's definitely de-railing the thread.

    I agree with this man, for sure. It seems like there is a bunch of people (now parents) who grew up believing for the most part everything they are told by the government and the media, buying into a lot of the paradigms and societal belief systems given to them, and never really put in much time in questioning them, their own world view and looking at it all for themselves.

    My dad is very close-minded when it comes to a lot of things. I do a lot of questioning of the world we live in and the society we inhabit. I question the status quo very much. My father on the other hand is SET in his ways and refuses to look at things any other way. It's definitely annoying. One example is college. I dropped out of college because I felt like it's a waste of money and college didn't hold much value to me as a person. Years later, he still argues that college is ESSENTIAL to living a "good life". He can't accept that there are other ways of defining success and a life-well lived other than go to college and get a good high paying job, ignoring the fact that he himself was never too happy himself living that lifestyle.

    Then there's voting... I refused to vote because I refuse to encourage what I believe to be a completely corrupt system. He just kept spouting at me the same drilled-in nonsense of "PEOPLE DIED FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE. IT IS YOUR DUTY IN THIS COUNTRY. AMERICA IS THE BEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, everyone wants to come here for a reson blahblahblah". No matter how logically I tried to lay out my position (not convert or anything, just help him understand the validity of my reasoning), he just wouldn't take it.

    The problem with these close-minded parents is that they can really be a pain in the ass... and they don't even realize that their viewpoints cause a whole bunch of unneccessary friction in the relationship trying to push their views on their children. I agree with what you guys said, the internet age is really giving our generation a whole new look at things and perspective that the previous generations never had. Having access to so much more information and alternative viewpoints to the mainstream paradigms (the only viewpoint they had, really, besides in books) I think has really made our generation a lot more open minded than previous. There really does seem to be a huge generational rift between the current and the previous generations in many ways.

    The world now is a VERY different place than it was 30, even 20 years ago.

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