Close Call!

Discussion in 'General' started by Neo of WNEC, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. I was gona go out tonight to smoke with three of my friends, but I had a lab that overlapped, so I missed out. Luckily my friend (let's call him Tim) was gona go buy some anyway, so I had him buy me an 8th from a guy on campus.

    Well, they went to the usual place we smoke on a calm night, and sat down (let's call it a baseball dugout). They started to smoke, and were through about 3 bowls when they saw a flashlight fome around the corner. At first they got real quiet, and thought maybe whoever it was would go away.

    But they didn't, so the three of them (one with a quarter of weed, one with a glass pipe, and one with nothing but red-eyes) got up and slowly walked the other way out of the dugout.

    Unfortunately they were quickly spotted, and they bolted. The guy with the weed (let's call him Tim) ran so fast, and jumped 3 fences with bare hands. Another one (let's call him Joe) kinda panicked, and ran, but just stopped (he had nothing on him), and the last one (call him Ryan, he had the glass piece) started to run, and lost his shoe. Typical stopner mistake, he stopped, and went back to get his shoe.

    Tim got away with all the weed. Joe got stopped with nothing, and Ryan tried to ditch (and smash) the pipe, but one of the public safety guys found it quickly.

    On our campus, we have cops (real certified cops) that work as "public safety troopers." There just happened to be 3 sargents in one place at one time. Joe and Ryan were busted. But neither had weed.

    Tim was in the woods, hidding in a bush until the public safety guys walked past him, and then he walked off campus, and walked all the way around to come onto campus a different way.

    Joe and Ryan were cuffed, but eventually let free.

    This is where Tim's story continue's. Tim was high as fuck, and lost in a neighborhood. He was afriad the public safety guys called the local cops, so he went from shadow to shadow hiding everywhere.

    Finally, he got back on campus after a 2 mile loop, and started to walk up to the dorm. He, being a street-smart guy, ditched the weed next to a piece of machinery 'just in case."

    Then walked up into the dorm. Unfortuinately, a public safety guy recognized Tim as Joe's roomate right away (they pieced together that the other guy was Tim, no one ratted on him). They took him down to the head quarters. Of course he had nothing on him, he was just in trouble for running.

    I just got back from taking a 15 minute walk, and to grab the weed Tim left behind. Tim didn't want to go anywhere near the bag, and I didn't blame him.

    I think they'll all get off easy. Nothing legal anyway since there were no official statements, and no arrests made. Tim suffered some NASTY injuries from jumping those fences. One of the top pieces of the chainlink fence went right between his fingers, he was bleeding pretty bad, but he was happy to see that he wasn't in BIG trouble, and that I was able to get the weed back.

    The only thing REALLY lost is a glass pipe.

    Turns out they were looking for three guys who were breaking into cars, and thought that Tim, Ryan and Joe might have been them. Maybe if they hadn't run, they woudln't have been caught really.

    Scary huh?
  2. woah. at least none of them got actually busted though. haha i have ran way farther than i have needed to before, when school security drove up to a bunch of us, some of which were smoking. I ran like a mile loop to meet up with my friends, all alone, when i didnt even need to run at all. stupid.
    but at least no one had anything on them| when they got cuffed
    that'd be a scary situation to be in though
  3. Damn Po-Po, good story though. Im glad yall didnt get into any trouble....Keep smoking..Just not at the dug out
  4. Cops? Those sound like rent-a-cops to me. lol
    I dislike rent-a-cops.

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