Close call

Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. So I went down to the Dept. of Social Services today to pick up a Medicaid application, and they've got the metal detector set up. So I reach into my pocket to get my keys out to put in the little basket, and lo and behold, I still have my little metal pipe in my pocket from last night.

    Needless to say, I did an about face and took my little pipe back to the car and hid it under the seat. The whole time I'm going back to the car, I'm expecting to hear the guard say, "Too late for that, you have to put it in the tray." Man, my stomach did a drop when I felt the pipe in my pocket. I thought for sure I was busted.

    That was freaky.
  2. Yes im sure the old heart was really beating and the legs was going numb

    luck was on your side
  3. yeah my dad had his medal bowl on him once when he was picking me up at the court house after i had group, he was in line for the medal detector and notice it in his pocket and said really loud "fuck, ... i think i didn't lock the doors on the truck" then ran out and put his bowl away.
  4. That is intense. But you handled it as well as can be expected.
  5. haha who adude! that is intense.

    one time some cop pulled me over and he asked for my insureance, registration etc...

    well, right before he had pulled me over, i had just finished rolling a joint. and the worst of all i had my frien din the car with me who was on probation.

    so i reach into the dashboard, and instead of pulling out my insurance, i pull out a packet of zigzags. haha i nearly burned myself out.

    i had valid everything, but since my friend was on probation they evoked the terms and they searched my car and me and my friend. luckily they cant search your shoes and my joint was all smashed and had to be re-rolled.

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