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  1. Sorry if i sound like a noob guys, but im just trying to learn as much as I can. Do you have to take clones from a female plant? How many clones can you take from one plant? Should i take the clones from the top or bottom of the plant? Also do people usually flower the mother after you take the clones and then just veg the clones?
  2. Must be from a female plant. It depends how big the plant is..
    You can take clones from anywhere as long as you dont cut a "top" of the plant. Cut the sidebranches not the big branches.
    The purpose of a mother plant is to veg and cut clones and keep vegging the mother. Dont really need to flower..
  3. Will the mother just keep growing its shoots back, after you cut the clones? How long can a mother plant live in veg?
  4. You can veg the mother as long as you want as long as you water/feed it right.

    [ame=]‪Full cannabis cloning tutorial! Step-by-step guide to perfect clones!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Are the clones always females? Since you take them from a female plant? Also how do you know you have a mother female without flowering it? Lastly, how long does the clones stay in the rock wool until they are transferred to the pots?
  6. Probably about a week or when you see roots on the bottom of the rockwhool transplant. It depends on what nutes you use for root growth.
  7. Where can i buy a heat mat, tray and cover for cloning?
  8. Hydroponic store or home depot for the cover at least not the heat mat but Also online
  9. Clones from a female plant will always be female. You can check if a plant is female by cutting a clone, rooting it well for 2-3 weeks and then flower the clone.
    Or sometimes, female preflowers can show up during vegging. This is really strain dependent.

    You don't need a heat mat if your room where you keep them is around 80 or so...I only really use my heating mat if its winter. You can get all your supplies in hydroponic stores; online or in person.
  10. Are the clones from the mother plant, always female? Also, how do you know if the mother plant is female or male, since you cant flower it? Thanks
  11. The idea as stated above is to clone the mother once then when that clone is ready. Flower it and determine the sex of the mother. Clones will always be the same sex as the mother because it is the same plant just new growth that you force to root.
  12. Lots of great info guys, i just gotta figure out a hydroponic store. Im not sure that theres any by my house.
  13. They're always female when you cut it from a female, because it's a clone. Clone means that it has exactly the same DNA, which determines all characteristics of the plant, including sex
  14. check out my grow in my sig. I have a mother that i take clones off.

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