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  1. Hello and HIGH everyone. Ok here's the thing I have a nine inch baby girl who's vegging beautifully. I want to take some clones of her. One of the very bottom nodes is as tall as the main stock so should I cut her completely and leave the other nine colas branching off of her? Or should I just snip that one down abit? Also can I just stick the cutting into another pot with soil after I dip it in the rooting solution (Shultz TakeRoot Rooting hormone)? It is in a big 12in ceramic pot with a shultz soil and worm castings mix ( IS this too much of a feeding mix to start with?) It is on an 18/6 light cycle with 2-1200 lum. and 2-998 lum. spiral flouro bulbs. She is 58 days old ( aprox 2mos.) I have been giving her only water when she needs it since day one. With so many colas (8-9), 3 that came of the fimmed top, when can and should I start flowering her. I have the Shultz 10-60-10 Super bloom. When should I start using that. Will the shultz affect the PH level in the soil and what is a simply failsafe way to fix it. I don't have any testing system at the moment, so something that will be stupid proof.

    Ok sorry got a little carried away but just a few more cloning questions.

    How long after I take the cuttings should I wait before flowering? What would be the fastest and or more productive light cycle after cutting? Well I think that's about it Unless you all have any other info.

    Woody I'd really like some info from you because I'm growing in soil just the same. Thanks to you all.
  2. Since you've already topped it, take clones from the bottom and work up. More growth will be directed toward the top canopy. You asked how long you should wait to induce flowering after taking the clones. I'm not sure if you're refering to the mother plant or the clones. With the clones, let them grow a good root system before flowering (usually a couple weeks). With the mother plant, wait long enough to see if the cuttings have effected her. Here's a link for cloning: Good Luck!
  3. Snip your stem down a little. Make sure you have at least one set of leaves above and one node below the soil level.

    On your main plant, start your ferts and it sounds like she's ready for flowering at 58 days. In Hydro, at 58 days you'd be flushing and preparing to cure.

  4. So are you saying 18 on and 24 off???
    or did you mean 18/6?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. I believe he was meaning 18hrs out of 24hrs ,or yes 18/6...peace

  6. Been there.....LOL..peace woody


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