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  1. Hey ya'll I been thinking about this thing for a long ass time, and i really got no idea about whats up with this whole issue? Aight, I did my reserch and stuff...I know what cloning is obviously...but if it should be allowed or not...damn, thats a whole diffrent question now isnt it?
    America has banned it, the UK has allowed it. The EU is likely to endorse it, and if Isreal, South Africa, and Canda allow it...cloning is likely to be here forever.

    How diffrent would it be to have a world where we have to diffrentiate between clones and 'natural' beings. The movie Gataca obviously comes to mind...and damn, i was thinking, surly I dont want that kinna shit.

    Maybe its gonna be the same like with the nuclear arms. One person has them, and everyone else has them out of feer that they will be less powerful if they dont have the same advantages. For once I think the US took the initative by saying "no" to a new technology that they could have benifited from greatly...but the rest of the world may have seen it as an oportunity to go ahread of the only superpower there is in the world today...allowing reserch and development of human cloning.

    One day we may have a superrace...and...if a machine is defined as a man made creattiopn...well then we will be making machines and

    anyawy it would be cool to see what all u others think about this controversial, yet interesting topic
  2. i'm all for long as it doesnt go further then cloning human tissue or organs..i'm against cloning whole humans..I wouldnt wanna live knowing I was created so I could be harvested for spare parts.

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