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  1. my babies have jaundice, what have i done.
  2. Can you give more info on your setup? Like lights, ph hydro or soil? Feeding methods, age......
  3. 4 grow and show bulbs 40watts a piece.
    24hr light cycle.
    11/2wks old in moist soil(schultz potting soil plus)
    straight water every three days, sprayed about 8 times daily with a bottle with b1 blast included.
    lights 11inches away, with dome
    temp 82 and humidty 65
  4. Not familiar with those lights but watts sound fine for small setup

    11/2wks old in moist soil(schultz potting soil plus)

    Are you in flowering I would think for 11 1/2 weeks you would be.

    straight water every three days, sprayed about 8 times daily with a bottle with b1 blast included.

    MJ needs nutes you can use organic if you please but they need nutes I would pick some up and maybe start with 1/8 - 1/4 strength bottled directions.

    lights 11inches away, with dome

    Time to take dome off and let them do thier thing they are far into vegitation mode and really need nutes and not so much humidity. Do yu have a fan for circulation? Let it hit the plants slightly for a small breeze to simulate outdoors.

    Sorry I am assumming this is indoors right?

    temp 82 and humidty 65

    Temp is fine for day time with proper ventalation or c02 used but I would work on humidity no more than 50% no less than 40%

    Let them dry just a bit not dried out then introduce nutes mildily
  5. What is your ph that is probably the problem
  6. IMO ditch those GE (Ghetto Electric) Gro and Sho bulbs. These incadescent bulbs emit too much heat and plants will stretch to find a better spectrum. I started some seedlings under those bulbs you're currently using but bought fluoros the next day. Good Luck!
  7. weed seeker. unknown ph level and ah not to sound dum but what are nutes. oh there not 11and 1/2wks, there 1and 1/2wks.

    vataloco. whaat do you mean by fluoros
  8. Nutes (nutrients) are in ferts (fertilizers). You can save those plants by getting fluoros (flourescent lights). They're the lights you see in most schools and shops. IMO get some fluoros if those plants are only a week and a half. They're inexpensive and you can find that at most hardware stores.
    If you have money to burn get a MH (Metal Halide). These types are perfect for vegetative growth.
  9. alright i have four 4ft flouros there GE plant and aquarium wide spec.

    there starting to come back around i toook them out of the tray and put them in there own pots, they possibly were a bit damp.

    haven't given them any ferts yet but have some schultz 10-15-10

    should i get some 20-20-20 shortly for them?

    temp is 80 now and humidty is 55-60
  10. get your humidty down to 40-45% by using a fan on them and one circulating the room. Start giving them veg food (nutes) for tomatoes thats the best way to reference it. then post the outcome. good luck.

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