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  1. I was wondering?, Has anyone ever heard of putting cuttings in water and letting the grow roots before putting in a soil or other medium?
  2. I just tried that, and the clipping just dried up and died...

    I think some sort of rooting solution or powder is needed...
    im not exactly sure though... I just know that sticking it in water didnt work for me,.

  3. i added a drop of a hormone,superthrive it has b1 in it ,which i think is a rooting hormone so
  4. Rooting gel seems the way to do it from what I've read,
    but as I haven't done it myself I'll wait and see wot others say

    keep us posted on ur progress!

  5. When I used the SOG method I bought a powder called Rootone, you simply cut the stem at a 45deg. angle with a nice clean razor blade,then wet it slightly, dip it in the rootone and knock off the excess, place it in moist soil and cover the pot with a plastic bag to keep the humidity up, taking the bag off occasionally to allow it to get fresh air. I'm currently using Shultz's TakeRoot, rooting hormone. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but I think that's because the soil I used was too sandy, and packed too tight for root formation. I took a few more yesterday and am waiting to see if they root.
  6. HIGH All, some strains clone harder than others. I have some in water right now too, I took some clones O.F.F.F. the WWC+ we have and put rooting powder on the tip and put into Sunshine Mix#4 a week later roots were popping out the bottom (two went into Bubble Buckets yesterday) and I took clones O.F.F.F. our White Dick and just put them into water two days ago.
    It works!
  7. yea its realy all in the strain i remmber one member said he just clips it and sticks it in dirt and it works!
  8. I have a had time getting it down i use clonex jell and rockwoll now the problem i had was keeping them to wet now i dont water them i just mist the cover and 4-5 days then give a liitle pull and see if they take root if not recut and try again hope this helps

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