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  1. When cloning do you need any rapid root shit?
    Or can you just put in soil and water?
  2. Technically, no you don't NEED anything else.  However, with that said you do have better success and faster root development with some added root growth hormone.  Personally I like the gel seem to get less air embolisms that way.  I use a product called Rootech cloning gel
  3. my first time cloning i didnt use it and had roots in abt 12 days.

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  4. My question. what is the bare minimum needed to clone. a down and dirty method (we're dirt poor). I know root-tone will help the odds. but do I basically take a cutting, and use wet sandy soil, or what. please instruct Me
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    You can use just soil and water but I wouldn't use sandy soil. Also keep the soil moist.
  6. do I take a razor and trim a lower branch? and do I take it right at the node? I've honestly never taking cuttings before
  7. You can use a razor blade or a good pair of clean, sharp, scissors. BKS's video on it is a good place to start. And yes, she suggested lower branches so you don't get up into the buds that get a lot of light. Look for branches that either would never get up to the canopy or are shaded by bigger branches. But best move is go watch that video! It'll answer a lot of questions. It's not a simple process. My track record is 0 for 2. First grow. I've got one more crack at taking some. If that doesn't work I'm thinking of trying to re-vegetate.
  8. Check the DIY tutorial in my sig. If you drink coffee in your house or have anything like a coffee can container, you're half way there. I don't use hormones or humidity domes nor do I trim leaves...just plain non chlorinated water and a cheap aquarium pump. that's pretty much it and I root in as little 5 days.
  9. @ harleyjane and dumdummy,  thanks! good info. that bubbler looks very simple to use. so, no nutes. just clean water?
  10. go with the coffee can idea dude it works  :smoke:  :smoke:  cloning is like riding a bike its tricky at first but then your like wtf   :metal: stick with it its worth it mate best of luck ..K.P
  11. If you have a willow tree anywhere near you, trim off a few of the growing shoots. Soak these in some water for a couple of days. Then take out the shoots and use this "tea" to water freshly taken cuttings that you've inserted into some seed starting mix. Aloe is also a good addition. Natural growth hormones!
  12. Do yourself a favor.... google "cloning Cannabis" and filter to video. Lots of Utubes on cloning.

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