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  1. i was planning to clone up a few plants but wanted to know if it could work without the rooting hormone...
  2. Yes you can. Rooting hormone helps the cuttings to root but isn't strictly necessary.
  3. that's great ... so i jus place the cuttings in the soil ... right ?
  4. It's a little more involved than that. You would still follow all standard cloning procedures with the exception of dipping in rooting hormone. I'll PM you a write up on the cloning techniques I use.
  5. could you send it to me too
  6. sure thing mate
  7. I use peat pellets for cloning, they work really well. I also use clonex rooting gel, I find it makes things so much easier. getting the right moisture level is key. you need to make sure the stem cut has access to enough water but also has enough oxygen. the ballance is pretty tight. I always use a propergator, I found it was a struggle without it, however I have read many reports of people not using them, they work for me :)
  8. You definitely don't have to use cloning gel. The thing that took my clone survival rates from so-so to 100% was providing even humidity. I never spray my clones. Instead, I use a seed starting tray with a dome, or an old tupperware with a ziploc bag over it (depending on how tall the clones are). I put a small amount (a couple tablespoons) of water in the bottom of the tray or tupperware, put the clone pots in, then set the whole thing on a heating pad set on low. The evaporation provides constant, even humidity vs the uneven humidity from spraying. I take the cover or ziploc off once or twice a day to get some fresh air in, and I add a little more water to the tray as needed.

    Cloning is easy once you get the technique down. There are lots of successful ways to clone, you just have to find what works best for you.
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    I think people make cloning waaaay too hard. I followed all the popular ways for about 2 years before I figured out how to finally do it. The more you mess with a cut, the more they go bad.

    My style now is to cut a clone with sharp scissors from the plant. Clean, but not sterilized or anything. Cut the stem below a leaf, 'pull' the bottom leaf towards the cut to get a little strip of 'bark' attached to the leaf. Trim all growing tips and leaves except the top tip and one big leaf. Put cuttings like this into a small glass with just enough water to keep the end submerged. Leave the cuttings in the water for 24 hours for 'scabs' to develop over all the cuts/trims. Take cutting and put into your soil and keep moist for about 10-14 days. Roots will appear growing out of the soil.

    I am 100% cloning this way for about the last 6 months. No hormones, water only. No plugs. Cuts stay super healthy during the process and don't even yellow. Keep the soil moist, but let it dry. Too much moisture will rot the cut. Cooler is better than a warming mat. Way more rust issues when I use a mat. Cloning during winter is easiest time for me, when my temps are coolest. Smaller cuts are better than big ones.
  10. I add heat to mine and use rooting hormone and I sometimes get roots coming out of the peat pellets within 4 days

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