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  1. Can someone point me to a very tutorial like thread/vid of how to do this on lower branches. I cloned once b4 successfully rooting 13/18 cut only problem was I cut off at the wrong part of plant my teacher has told me. I cut off bud sites no biggie as they were test plants
  2. Thank you will view this now
  3. What I learned so far with clones. I can say my success rate is around 97%. I have tried Bubble Cloner, Aero Cloner, Jiffy Pellet, Rockwool, Coco, etc. All of them works, however there is a factor very common and highly recommended for all methods, although the Bubble and Aero Cloner not necessarily needs it. My simple secret is keep your humidity levels all time high and those roots will sprout like crazy.

    As today my favorite method is Rockwool, just becuase I can use with either Hydro, Coco, Perlite or Soil.
  4. I know how to do it n get it started my issue is picking right part to cut. I got a very successful turnout last time but I cut of bud sites
  5. Just count 3 nodes down from the bud site
  6. That's like three branches right? I've watched dozen videos and they All explain how to do the rooting gel 45 degree cut blah blah i get that. but none actually show u where to cut and after I'm supposed to cut the lower branches right
  7. i like how rumpleforeskin advises people to not use anything but water (not even rooting gel FTW??) for their clones.

    shit works.

    i use root riot cubes & aloe vera gel/goo/whatever you want to call it

  8. So where do I cut and I trim 5 nodes from bottom what happens if I never trim em just let em grow nobody trims in nature
  9. 5 nodes is too much. i cut them at 3 nodes max......wait am i not getting the question here? the most i have on my clone is 3 nodes.....when i cut, i cut as close to a node (that im going to leave on the mother plant) as possible, and dont trim up the mother plant again afterward.

    make sense? i hope? lol

    i also dont trim the leaves before i stick them in my rockwool/root riot/clone bucket/whatever, like how rumpleforeskin did it. i leave the entire clone intact, just because thats how i believe the plant was meant to be in nature. no need to trim off somthing that doesnt need it, in my eyes.

  10. What's up osub? My question is where do I cut the clone at like what makes it a clone cuz last time I did it wrong and cut budsites but they all rooted n Shyt
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    just took some clones yesterday, so i didnt have very good examples to choose from.

    hope this helps!

    edit: ah shit! sorry for mentioning root riot cubes. i forgot this was the hydro thread :-|


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  12. I've been checking since u sent that pic osub and I can't open up your pics
  13. Sweet your picture is loading right now I'm gonna cut ASAP
  14. image-1389289183.jpg

    Just took first set of cuttings imma be here a while that's only 2 out of 12 plants lol
  15. does that dome have a vent hole?

  16. It should, however with clones I rather have them in 100% Humidity Environment. Once roots are established, I start open the vents to let air exchange.

  17. Yes it has 3 I leave vents closed as well
  18. Kenzo, the trick to cutting clones is to look for a long stem with only a couple of leaves. You don't want nodes on your clone if you can avoid it. Yes you can still get clones to root otherwise, but it will take much longer the more leaves and nodes you have.

    From my experience, the first thing the clone is going to do is use up stored food (ie leaves) before it shoots roots. The more leaves you have on the clone, the longer it's going to take. Clones seem to have to be on the brink of death the push out roots. I hope this info helps.
  19. hey! keep that dome more misted than that!

    you gotta keep it really moist. dont spray the actual plants, either. just spray the dome.

    hope they all root! :D


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