Cloning Questions.

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by MrDeepwater, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. OK so i've finally figured out how to clone. Got roots in 6 days.

    Question is... One of my biggest and best new ICE plants seems to be female but also looks to have slight male pollen sacks forming. Only in 2 places outta the entire plant HERMY!!. If i cut a lower branch that only has female hairs on will it grow into a female only plant??? or become a hermaphradite.
  2. if one part is a hermi, the whole is. ur toenail is as much apart of mrdeepwater as is ur ear hair.
  3. gense are genes ...
    you could use this plant though .... if you can keep up with pinching off the pollen sacks you'll be alright .....don't give it a chance to drop n you wont have any beans ..
    in my expierience hermies n males (males especially) grow more rapidly next to a female plant, so tall, fast growers are usually watched very carefuly.... and ive only had 15-17 leafers come from males .... peace....:wave:

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