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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by silent1, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Well, for the grow that I'm on now, I had a 1/6 success rate, so I decided to clone the lone female. From what I've been reading, they say you need one of those domes for humidity. Is that really necessary? What if I planted the cuttings in little cups with holes for drainage, like I did with the seedlings? Then all I did was cover the top with Saran Wrap to keep moisture inside. If a dome is better, where can I find one?

    Also, I used a 400w MH for vegging. Can I use it as long as I keep it far from the tops (like 3 feet or so)? Or will I kill it? I used the MH on the seedlings also - keeping it 3 feet away - and they turned out great.

    Please reply soon! I'm gonna do this ASAP since the mother is technically 9 days into 12/12 already. :)
  2. HIGH All, instead of typing it All's how Breeder Steve does it...and me Also.

    If you can I'd put them under floros...Quote from Breeder Steve "Direct light will burn them because without roots the stem cannot supply the leaves with enough water to match the leaves' rate of transpiration".

    Hope things grow well for you and you find what your looking for.
  3. I used a gatoraid bottle with the bottom cut off it for a humidity dome. Had the clone slip in a 16oz clear party cup so i could see roots when they appeared. Only misted twice a day, worked great.

    But ive just cloned a bunch with no dome, but I mist them a good 5+ times a day.
  4. never used a dome and turned out just fine. in fact i didnt take care of those clones like i should have and they still flourished. its not as hard as you think, pretty daym simple. :)
  5. 2 ways I like to clone, either in plain water(change water daily) or 100% vermiculite(dip stem in rooting hormone)can be done eisily with/without dome, but dome is better. As far as light goes I use flos'. but most lights will cut it, simple is good
  6. I ended up using just plain distilled water for right now. Basically I read this article on Overgrow and decided to try that. I know that my mom grew some cuttings (not pot!) using a technique very similar, and they turned out ok. They're under 33w fluoros.

    I'll keep you guys posted. I've got 20 cuttings going since I'm sure a few won't make it. Hopefully they ALL don't die!!!
  7. if you only have that 33w floro, kee those cuts as close as you can, nearly touching!!! mm's from the light!!!

  8. i have 2 agree..being a newie i took clones from all over and different lengths etc then just plopped them in rainwater. i threw out 1 yesterday which had the thickest stem and had died, however the rest have all rooted...

    these were grown under the fluro above my bathroom mirror....(makes brushing yr hair just that little more interesting...)

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