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  1. Hey guys! My first grow is in the middle of week five and doing pretty awesome. We took some clones off of them in week 3 of flower, I know you're supposed to do it in veg but we were not thinking ahead. So, the clones took over a week to root and now they are re-vegging. A lot of them are looking great, some of them not so much. I am wondering if the ones that look bad could still possibly make it as I have never taken clones before especially in flower. I'll upload some pics of them, good and bad so you can see the differences
    . good_clone.jpg mediocre_clone.jpg weak_clone.jpg

    As you can see, the first one is very green and healthy looking. Few like that. Middle one is more mediocre, some green but also some yellowing/brown. Last one is almost completely yellow. Is there hope for them, or should I consider them goners?
  2. In that last picture.. I spy 2 plants that I personally would have trash bound, as they are dead...IMO.

    I'm sure you can determine which 2 I'm talking for the others...I'd you get whatever is wrong fixed....they will make it
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  3. Thanks for the input, yes the 2 little yellow ones. OK. Ill consider them goners. RIP! Any idea what could be causing the issues with the other ones? I keep the PH at flat 6, and these arent getting any nutes yet except for Rhizotonic solution.
  4. 6 is a bit low....I think its causing lockout of nutes in your plants.....try raising it to 6.5 and see how that treats them.

    Note. Since you have been watering with 6.....your FIRST watering of them trying to get to 6.5......I think you should water with a 6.8 ...after that...aim for 6.5

    I think that might do the trick
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  5. OK. Do you recommend 6.5 for an entire grow cycle, or just at this stage?
  6. Entire grow
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  7. Thanks, today is watering day and I am taking your advice and raising the PH.
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