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  1. okay i have never cloned and did not truly know much about it and the forms are not very clear... Can you take a clone from a plant in the flowering stage? How much is needed for a clone? Would a simple fan leaf from the botom of a flowering female work or no?
  2. fan leaves just support the plant, you need a growth tip thats ehh 5 inches or so, and the farther into flowering the mother plant is the harder it is for that plant too root.
  3. anyone have a picture of what this would consist of?

  4. You can take a clone from a flowering fem, but I would just send the plant back into veg after you harvest and take clones then. a fan leaf will not work IMO.
  5. Yep... I usually try to get at least 2 nodes on a clone myself.

    Try this first though. Go put some tape (I use shrink tubing sliced and re-taped together) around the stem where you're planning on growing some roots.

    Leave that on for about 2 weeks.

    Now cut your clone and root it. That section that's been kept dark will be ready to grow roots because it thinks it's been underground. :)

    You could also try air layering?
    This works really well with MJ plants. :)
    Personally I would go with cutting thin strips of the outer woody bark away instead of large sections like the link shows.

    The best parts?

    1) You already have roots before you cut the clone
    2) It keeps your plant numbers down in areas where that's important

    FWIW You can use a rockwool cube or Oasis cube as well. Just slice it in half and use it instead of the other filler material :)

  6. that's a really good idea. i'm going to try that next time.
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    I have a home made cloner with an airstone and airpump, I am having good luck rooting about 1/2 of my cuttings, but since it's my first time I don't know when to pull them out and put in my medium. They have 1/2-1 inch roots now, and about to touch the top of the water.

    I tried to post a pic so you can see it, maybe you can make one, they work GREAT, just cuttings and cloing solutions , just a $12 air pump. If someone can give me advice on how to post a pic? A box popped up wanting me to enter a url, and it was javascript? Do I need to have them posted on a public gallery in order to load to here? I am not a pc person at all.

    **OK so I got the pics to post in member pics...check 'em out. a friend made this for me. Fairly simple, if you want more pics let me know and I'll get more**
  8. I love the aero cloners! They work great no matter what medium you're using :)

    If you're putting your clones into some medium other than dirt or rockwool... You already have roots too long.

    When using an aero cloner to root clones, pull them out when they've grown a few white bumps and the first actual 'root' is starting to pop out. (kinda hard to catch as they go from white bump to 'Root' so dang fast. Heh)

    If you're going into hydro, lava-rock, hydroton, etc. etc... Your half inch roots are perfect. :)

    I'm using a modified bubbler bucket lid as a temp aero cloner. My clones were just so messed up from the rotten care they had before I got them that I ended up cutting the bottom 1/4" of rockwool off the cube to expose fresh roots.

    Since they're already rooted in the rockwool they've been losing nutes with the plain water. I just now added some organic mix as a 1/4" layer on top of the rockwool and gave it a wee bit of water. ROTFL!

    That should actually drop a bit of nutes down into the rockwool and help a wee bit. We'll see ;)

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