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  1. Does anyone know what might be causing this, I have had 3 clones dies already from this, the black spreads up the root??
    I have my clones in rockwool and in domes, temp is around 75 and humidity is high???? Please help I'm 1 week in and hope that all don't die.

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  2. I'mma take a stab at it by saying that i think u cut the stem off flat and that is a no no u should cut it at a 45 degree angle.. i think its just having a rough time trying to bring up water and its dying and then rotting from being in the moist rockwoll...... PLUS u should try to get some rooting hormone.. that helps a lot... good luck i hope u are sucessful :D
  3. I did cut them off on a 45, and used advanced nuitrients cloning gel
  4. I was told to scrape the skin off the bottom of the clone and then dip it in the rooting gel, could that of done it???
  5. maybe too much gel, what typo clones you have?
  6. HIGH All, hard to say.....when taking the cuttings are your tools sterilized? Clean tools will inhibit disease and bacterial infections. Are your scissor's or knife sharp? You want a nice clean cut at a 45 degree angle and this must be done underwater so no air bubbles get into the stem. Take cuttings from any shoots that have two or three nodes.

    Try Superthrive next cuttings.

    I deleted your other thread in sick post is enough.
  7. I used razor blades, did the cuts under water. They are Hash Bud strain.
  8. you dont need to do it underwater... Did you make sure the rockwool was wet and the lighting was low?
  9. looks drownd and rotted to me.
  10. I used this rockwool soak stuff, I soaked the rockwool, and then drained out any access water, then planted the cloans.
    When you dip them in the gel are you supposed to only have a light coating?? Mine where pretty coated. I'm going to check up on them today and see if are rooting.

  11. HIGH All, no you don't but you want to give your clones a better it underwater....why take the risk.

    So how are they looking today?

    Edit: on my way to work I was thinking about this post and forgot to mention dipping ( cloning gel, powder) the clone right after cutting it.
  12. They still aren't rooting at the bottom, although I can see some rooting starting if I look down the hole I made for the clone to go in. One thing is that I went to where my mom plants are and cut the clones off them and put them in a bucket of water and then brought them home and made the clones, so when I cut them they didn't get dipped in the rooting gel for a hour or 2.
  13. all i do is cut it off with a razor blade that i have sterilized with boiling water,..........then cut it again under lukewarm water, and dip it in rooting gel, gently place it in a premade hole, in the soil,.......gently cover....... i mist the inside roof of the propagator, and pop it over the clones, and add a fluro light on 24/7........humidity at approx o.k..........Peace out.........Sid
  14. What about food, how wet should the rockwool or soil be??? How ofter should I feed??? I'm going to try another bunch tonight. I use the slab of rockwool, it fits 98 in one tray.
  15. no food, they are too small, and haven't developed a root system to to take them in yet, apart from their leaves, but there's no need..........why the rockwool, if it's failed before, try soil........Peace out.........Sid

    unless your doing hydro.....
  16. I am doing aeroponics, trying to save some money, clones are so damn expensive. I'll be trying again tonight, this time I'll use no food, whats a good type of rooting powder or gel???
  17. I just got back from my local hydro store and I think I know what I did wrong. when I soaked the rockwell cubes I should have squeezed then water out, instead I soaked them and just let the water drip out for a couple seconds. They said that by squeezing it out the roots will go looking for the food.
    Looks like a have root rot from too much water. Dooh!!! I'll be giving it another try tonight.
  18. What you have is called damping off.It is a fungal pathogen brought on by too much water.It is a form of pythium.
  19. nice bro you learn something new every day. i had this exact same problem only not as bad with using straight vermiculite. But now that i have perlite i dont have any vermiculite :) damit! god thing i just made an areo cloner since i wanted one for my for my salvia plants, which only propagated by cloning. They dont grow viable seeds.

  20. i did try and tell ya.

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