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  1. I did a search but found nothing. Anyone tell me how many mothers i would start off and how many clones i would need to produce a pound a week. I understand yield is determined by alot I mean just a round about. How many mothers would you guys start out with and how many clones would you guys have to produce a pound a week consistently?

    but 8k watts (for 8 weeks low est. 1lb 1k watt) probably put 16 under each 1000 so 16x8 = 128 plants... perpetual? you could get away with 4 but most likely need at least 6 maybe 8 if you have slow rooter and long veg like a GDP.

    IDK maybe 6-10 moms. :eek:
  3. A pound a week? That could be for only one purpose, and it is against forum rules to discuss topics related to selling/trafficking.
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    You are of course right, toasty, but in the Smoking and Usage area there is masses of discussion about finding dealers, prices, etc, which is totally tolerated by the mods. Perhaps they should be more consistent. And LOTS of us here have a surplus of produce that we kindly donate to our local needy friends.
  5. I think your math might be way off. I had 3 mom, got 49 clones. Still had about 40 more I could have taken. Second I am growing under 2000w, expect 2.5 pound off of 28 plants.

    What it really comes down to is 3 things

    Wattage used, on a good grow you should get close to 1g per watt.
    secondly it comes down to light penetration. Do all of your bud sites get an even amount of light? Unless you are doing scrog then I doubt it.
    and lastly is how many times you have fucked something up. From simply over watering to nute burn to breaking branches. Every single time something like this happens it stunts your plant for even just a few hours or a day. But it adds up.

    Just grow a couple plants under whatever amount of light you can get away with. See the results and tweak. There is no single answer to questions like these. Just solid research and testing.
  6. Yeah, cause there aren't many of us out there who can smoke a pound a week :p

  7. and I do it purely for research purposes :smoking:...just I forgot what I was researching.

  8. yeah this was going to be a joint venture between a bunch of friends. Thanks for your concerns though. Well aware of the rules
  9. A pound a week in a perpetual grow is a rather large undertaking for any grower, and I would say pretty lofty as a goal for a group of new or newer growers.

    Also going into something on that scale with several partners is never a good idea. You should do WAY more research before you start thinking about plant numbers, as its pretty obvious NONE of the truly important things have been thought through. I mean you are talking about 52 pounds a year or over $150k in a fair market. Not really the small personal grow most here undertake.

    I would recommend learning the plant and all its intricacies before expecting yields like that. Lets see you get a couple healthy plants to harvest. Then perhaps your plan would seem a little more viable, and less like a pipe dream.:smoking:
  10. If this was in either oregon or cali id say your plant limit would be somewhere around 12 ( I know I know, depends on county) So you are saying 66 of your friends and family with a 215 are coming together to make this co-op actually happen? What you are delving into is most likely as stated below, a pipe dream. And I am through with this thread.
  11. wow, ask a serious question. Just for simple knowledge and get jumped on. Reason why I dont post on message boards

  12. But you really DO post on message boards now don't you?

  13. Simple knowledge gets dealt with simply, stupid questions get jumped on. There's a search option on the top of this forum. Use it and read. Then you can start contributing some knowledge instead of just draining it.

  14. you not getting jumped on really. you asked a question about a very unrealistic scenario. even if your group of friends could get the resources to pull the grow off you guys would end up getting caught. all it would take is one of your friends to say something and you all go to jail and the police get to talk about how they broke up a huge drug ring.

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