Cloning lower shoots okay?

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  1. I'm planning to clone take clones from my plant but ive read lower shoots wont grow as well as upper shoots due to the upper shoots having more growth hormone than the lower shoots, which have an abundunce of starch(energy). I was wondering if i should take clones from the lower shoots or just leave them be and snag clones from the upper shoots? Reason being is that I have lower shoots that I wanna remove anyway before flowering so i figured take them as clones. Will these clones be of "lesser quality"? or will they be just as good?

    Also, say i do clone them from lower shoots and the plant doesnt seem to grow as would be expected from it. If i were to take clones from the upper shoots of it, would those turn out to be okay?

    I know this is kind of a "what if" question but if anyone has any experience with this please chime in.
  2. Quit overthinking it.

    I take clones from wherever they are available on my host plant.

    Just start cloning and you will see it really doesn't make that much of a difference. If you are taking 12-15 cuts off a plant, there will be top, bottom, sides .............


  3. i think you have it backwards. as far as taking clones from the bottom/older part of the plant, i think they are supposed to be easiest to root, as opposed to ones from the top of the plant.
  4. be fine taking cuttings from the bottom, its the top where cuttings are hardest too take but saying that its easy mate takin cuttings from anywhere on the plant;)

  5. Great words to live by. Yes i am overthinking it but i guess thats the type of person i am.

    Clone types
    Actively growing tops are preferred, as they contain the most growth hormones. Clones taken lower down are often spindly and less developed. I prefer 3" top clones with a 1/8" stem, 2-3 fan leaves and a slightly firm (but not yet wooden stem.
    I prefer short clones (no more than 2-3 nodes), otherwise the newly forming roots must support a larger leaf and shoot. The clones should also be ‘mature', with alternating leaves. Immature clones have leaves opposite each other and are usually pale and spindly.
    Avoid stem cuts (no node) and plug cuts, as they do not root nearly as well (roots from primarily at the nodes). Trim larger fan leaves in half to minimize the leaf area the newly forming roots must support.

    I got that from

    I understand that reading is important but first hand experience goes a long way too and thats why I asked the question.

    Thanks for the advice.
  6. :bolt::poke:

    Just get started with that 'hands on' part.:D:D


  7. Totally agree with all of that, but that doesn't mean you can't take clones from lower shoots, hell if you listen to Jorge and the Grow Bible you SHOULD take clones from lower shoots. I don't agree with that personally, but yeah, it's definitely doable.

  8. You'll find that the technique matters more than the location that the clones are taken from.

    Once properly rooted, clones taken from anywhere on the plant should perform the same.

  9. ...yea i was just quoting what cervantes says
  10. haha well after all that "git-r-done" talk, i'll be grabbing a clone from each of my plants before i flower just incase either plant turns out to be above average. thanks again GC community:hello: wish me luck on my grow :cool:

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