Cloning ... Is weeder harder than a tomato?

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    So listen up, I sucked at cloning, sucked sucked sucked, I was like 0 my first 24. I tried humidity domes, heating pads, gels, you name it.

    So them I built myself an aero cloner, just water and a little 360 spray nozzle. So now they all make it, but it takes 2 weeks plus.

    So I was fucking around with a tomato plant and broke off its biggest branch on accident. Saddened, I made the girlfriend feel better by tossing it in a cup of water out side. A week later and the bitch rooted, now she has 3 tomato plants.

    So this got me to wondering, it seems the more simple I make the process, the better my results. So as a test a cut a big ass branch off my #1 skunk at 3 weeks flower, stuck in a cup with some hydroton and made the stem long enough to touch the water in my mid-veg bin. Nutes are in there about 50%, it is a very very bubbly DWC with 6 mid veg size plants.

    Thoughts, opinions? encouragement?
  2. ...your on the right track. I first learned to clone with rapid rooters...took months to get an 80-90% success rate. I converted to the ezcloner (aeroponics) I now get 100% success with hardly any effort. I use dechlorinized tap water pH'd @ 6, no rooting hormone, no chemicals added...straight tap water. Keeping temps aroun 70 degrees will speed up your process a bit. I use a heating missle like that one used for fish tanks....Peace! :smoke:
  3. I use 7.0pH, 000ppm RO water in my aero cloner with 1/4 strength nutes and superthrive, clones typically root in 5 days, 100% success rate, and I never use any rooting hormones. My temp is generally around 80F. :smoke:
  4. What is the target water temp? I think I was getting quicker results closer to 70 than 80. i think

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