cloning in hps vs 2 fluro bulbs

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  1. i have two clones and two sprouts..
    i can choose to put them under a 2' shoplight with 1x6500k and 1x7800k
    or a 150w hps..

  2. I like them shop lightS!!! Thanks just my suggestion! :devious:
  3. thats what im using at the moment..but i want more lumens..
    still tryin to decide how long ill leave it under the shoplight
  4. veg em under the shop lite and when it comes time to flower just add the hps. Or better yet when its time to flower use the shop like and the hps!
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    thats the setup i have now for my mother/flowering has a lower spectrum of bulbs in the shoplight and i use the hps...
    but how long would using a 2' shoplight with two bulbs veg a plant properly?
    im trying to work on a vegbox made out of an old home-stereo case

    any tips? ill try to make a crappy little image of what im thinking ina bit
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    its hard to freehand in photoshop but ill work on something..but bascially
    i wana screw two shoplights[one on the left/one on the right] to the inside on the box..
    the entire box will be lined with an emergency blanket..and im wanting to make a small 6" shelf or so to have clones under my vegging plants
  7. [​IMG] this =]
  8. but adding some pc fans will be necessary also
  9. ?? anyyything?

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