Cloning Critical Mass

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kdspecial, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any good experiences cloning with this strain.

    I had not so much luck first time around. They rooted but after they were far too gone to make it worth the time to save em. Second time much better results. Made some mistakes like using Phd water with small nutes in it while cloning. The leafs went so dark green and I think it started to make the cutting grow a bit and burn up.

    I then rooted into my coco and fed a small small amount (botanicare Grow) 2.5ml per 4 litres And that seemed to burn the leaf tips even more and stunted growth etc. As well as turing the vin of the stems purple.

    I have now flushed the plants with plain PH water and they have all perked back up and are starting to take off with new healthy green growth)

    I plan to keep using the strain often so I wanted to see if anyone else had any tips with this strain as I have read not to many nice things about cloning this one compared to others.

    Thanks in advance.

    so far rooting time was 13 to 17 days. (I think I was keeping em too wet tho plus the feeding etc. That probably didn't help) Its been a long time since I last had my college grows so I am making a lot of mistakes that I remember making 10 years ago. Each time Its like "ohhhh yeahhhhh" I remember now...:eek::confused::smoke:

  2. hopefully someone has grown this strain...

  3. No one yet eh? bummer..

    I will post my picts and start some info on cloning this strain.


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