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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jonster, May 19, 2006.

  1. its been 2 days and my clones are droopy, i've had them outside night/day in a humidity dome that doesn't receive much light during day, i spray them twice daily, when would they be suspected to perk back up? any pointers to go with my technique please say
  2. I have only cloned a handful of plants for a friend so i could have gotten lucky with my results but when i had seen them drooping i boiled some water and poured it in the bottom of the dome figuring the evapourated moisture would absorb through the leaves. Like I said it worked and they shot right up but i have heard somewhere that this is no good! Good or not it worked and the plants grew with no problems. Hope it works for you

  3. So obviously the roots aren't drinking/touching this boiling water right? Anyway, jonster time will tell if they will make it. It is hard to know why they are drooping but, either they will make it or they won't. Maybe giving them some B1 might help.
  4. i cant think of a reason it would be unhealthy so ill give it a try, thanks alot,

    ne1 have more opinions behind this technique or others?

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