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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nikidog11, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. My first post! I have had acceptable success with my 6-4' 40w flouro set up. Wont win any growing awards but mighty fine smoke in my book. I run 24hour veg and 12hour flower cycle. I am using just cool white bulbs, I have 2 questions can I get suggestions for alternative 4' 40w flouros that "might" be better? and I am currentely working on 4 NL clones I got, I have no room for a seperate mother so will be trying to clone the clones! Other than root starter how succsesful have people been returning budded clones back to veggies?
  2. Maybe I did not spell cloning or flouresent right? Any feedback
    from the experianced growers out there?????
  3. I think im talking to myself!, Ive been looking at MH lights on the web and decided to give a 250w MH a try. I will expend no more watts than I am currently using and I will gain 3 times more lumens. But you already knew that didnt you...... I think I will go to a 16hour veg cycle rather than 24hour because of heat concerns, my grow room is limited on ventalation. Why am I waffeling on staying with flouros???
    Well as I stated I can produce decent bud with them but Im not getting that punch of growth that I think I should during flowering.......

    Still interested in my original cloning question any takers?

    Happy trails
  4. ya im talkin to myself and im not even stoned!
    scratch that last post, im going with HPS not MH, 250W
  5. try 18/6 not 16/8, HPS is the way to go.

    I can't talk about clones, I have been scared of them since that last Star Wars movie came out.
  6. hps is good. returning clones to veg after flowering then cloning them is bad. u can do it but u can have probs with hermies and clones that u take not rooting well. if u can think of anyway to keep a mother, even a bonzi 1 then do it.

    i talk to myself all the time aswell btw.
  7. Whew, thank you, Im not alone talking out loud to myself!!
    good news, I ordered my first HPS 250W Sun system light kit today along with an extra bulb, sure hope it turbo charges my just beginning to flower NL clones I do great on veggin but am not getting the kind of buds I think I should (you know the big stinky ones!) and now that you mention it I remember something about what you said, cloning clones promotes hermies yuk. I did order some decent seeds thanks to this site I should probably propagate a male for some seeds since a second grow area for a mother plant isnt likely any time soon.

    thanks for the info

    happy trails.......

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