Cloning a flowering plant.

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  1. I took some clones from a plant that was a about 4/5 weeks into flower.

    How long should it take for me to see roots ? How long before i see a turn around?

    When i take clones from a vegging plant it usally takes 2/3 weeks for roots and another week after i put them in soil to see growth. Plants under t5s 18/6

    Also anything i could do to the cuts to help them along?

    Im really trying to save the gentics on this plant. Revegging the whole plant is not an option right now.

    Love dawg by bodhi. Day 38
  2. IMO way too late

    most of us are falling to winter ..?

    tho it can be done

    you have to ask why..?

    imo start of seed or take vegging cuts

    good luck
  3. It should be about the same, but expect normal growth to take a bit.

    First grow using cfls.

  4. What does winter have to do with cloning?

    And why? If you saw this plant out of the 4 females you would understand why. Very good gentics that i wanna keep.

    I have plenty of time for it to reveg, just wanted to know the time im looking at for turn around.

    I was growing only 2 strains but im going to grow 4 strains now. This is one of my keepers. I got 4 other packs of seeds i gotta go pheno hunting through.

    Corleone kush
    Love triangle
    Gods gift
    Silver mountain

    Im keeping the love dawg, gotta find 3 more phenos to keep out of the strains above.
  5. It's highly unlikely you'll get a clone off a flowering plant to live. Once they've made the transition into flower, it's very hard to get them to live taking them back under veg lighting. I've tried to reveg a plant several times and never been successful at it. If it's taking you 2 weeks to get clones to show root, something is wrong. Here are some hints to speed it up for you: Take your clones off the weak tender sprouts at the bottom of the plant. They root much faster than the woody strong tops do. Use Rapid Rooter antibacterial cubes and Clonex rooting gel/Clonex solution. Don't keep your cubes saturated constantly either. I keep ours good and wet and use the humidity dome for about 3 days, then I start exposing them to a bit of light and letting the cubes get almost dry before I rewet with the Clonex solution. This forces the roots to start searching for nutrition instead of it just being there all the time. Putting a heating pad under them also will help some. But 90% of our clones are showing roots in 7 days. In the beginning, they need more heat and light (heating pad). I usually start exposing mine to full light about day 5. But the biggest things are the cloning the tender foliage and not the more tough stuff and, around day 4, start letting the cubes get almost dry before you resaturate them. You should always take clones before you put a plant into flower. Not saying that it can't be done, but I know for a fact that it's DIFFICULT to make happen. Good luck. TWW
  6. Just wait til harvest, leave a few bottoms and reveg.
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  7. Taking a clone off a flowering plant is not difficult at all. I've cut 8 and had 100% success.

    First grow using cfls.

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