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  1. Has anybody ever thought about how many people look and act alike? Sometimes Ill see a person and i feel like ive seen a thousand other people who look exactly like them. Its even wierder when you know 2 people that look AND act alike. Or when someone tells you "Hey you look just like this person i know..." Ive even seen people of 2 different races that are similar in their ways. It really reminds we are all related.
  2. We are all clones.

    You are the only one that exists.

    We are just clones, deceiving you, in one grand experiment. You started so well, but now you are failing horribly!:rolleyes:
  3. Uh yea dude, we're all human beings, we're gonna act similarly to each other.
  4. IM talking about when people look exactly alike. With similar features and they are from completely different backgrounds

  5. Coincidence is what i would call it. Don't go digging to deep into this. There is powerful sources at work.
  6. what do you mean?
  7. he means
    the aliens!!!
  8. Other dude is kinda right tho, somethings arent meant to be talked about. Certain things you think about and ideas you have simply cant be explained in words. It was just on my mind so i made a topic about it.

    I thought people would be posting stories about people who they look similiar to and possibly celebrity look alikes ....

  9. There's only so many possible variations, There's bound to be a few partial repeats.
  10. Makes sense to me

    I found this site called if you sign up it has a scanner where you upload a pic an it shows you a list of famous people you resemble. i thought it woould be bullshit but its pretty accurate

    One of the people i got, who i think i sorta resemble (if i was older) is Herbert Spencer


    Aparently he was the guy who coined the term "survival of the fittest" after studying charles darwin. I think its kinda cool how he studied evolution and human sociology and this thread is on that same concept

    It also said i look like paul walker and the drummer from linkin park :smoking:
  11. dont tell anybody i told you this... ITS THE REPTILIANS!
  12. whwnever i hear people say "The Reptilians" i always imagine a sitcom
  13. I love that forum. If im feeling blue i just hit up threads like, "Women who have sex with reptilians" on the david icke forum. Then everything is ok. Because i know at that point im far normal than those freaks! :)

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