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  1. How long can you keep a clone a clone? I mean, can I keep the clone in a seedling state for any extended period of time? I have a few strains, but no room to keep mothers. So can I take a few clones off one before putting it into flower, and leave them as clones until Im ready to use them?
  2. well they are going to grow once rooted ya know...and I wouldnt consider a clone a seedling myself, since they have came off a sexually mature plant. Once my clones root, they are big and bushy in no time.

  3. yea thats what I thought. Is there any way to preserve clones? for like 3-4 weeks?
  4. U can take a clone from a flowering plant and place it back on a veg cycle so u could still wait to put ur plants into flowering and when u have the room then take a clone and place it back into a veg lighting.

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