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  1. i just taken 6 clones from a afgan 4 weeks in to i want to put them back in to veg.i used clonex and root roit cubes for this.and will be useing formulex to feed them at 1st.what i want to know is will this hemie the plants if i go back to vegg.
  2. Hey bro - going back to veg is strictly a light issue.... if the plant gets less than 12hrs of darkness, they'll begin to veg.

    So yes, what you're doing will work...just keep the clones on 24hrs light or worse case 18light/6 dark.

    I would also recommend NOT feeding until you see roots form, and then use seedling strength.

  3. thanks for clearing that up the mother plant i have is way to big for my room now.but want to save something form her.ok i wont feed until i see roots.

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