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  1. I gave had no luck cloneing any help I was going try in soil with pro mix root stim unless better idea

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  2. Make a bubble Cloner. Cheap and easy. Set it and forget it. 100% roots in 3-10 days

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  4. I texted once and nothing
  5. I use rock wool for my clones to start and put them in a tray that has a little water at bottom. It will keep the rock wool moist and the roots will be popping out of rock wool in a week
  6. I made a small bubble cloner and it worked ok, but rooting was taking to much time. Bought 25 site aeroponic
    King Cloner, 100% success rate every time...the only way imho

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  7. Are theses pics clearer
  8. Ok here's a picture 20190722_194346.jpg
  9. Must have done something wrong, probably not enough bubbles. My bubble cloner roots in 3-12 days every time. Aerocloners work too, just hate clogged sprayers, it’s why I don’t use drip emitters in my DTW. I honestly don’t

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  10. i get 100% success with cloning using rapid rooters and clonex.

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  11. 100% successful last 3 rounds. Clonex, some beneficial bacteria, coco, cup.

    Make sure to split the bottom of the stem. Use a razor blade for a clean cut and less damage to stem.

    8 days from cutting.[​IMG][​IMG] Day 15 [​IMG]

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  12. yes what the baker said! sterile is very important. and your work area doesnt look very clean
  13. Buy Peat pucks grab a some cloning jel get trays and lids cut below a node put cuts into a cup of water for at least ten mins when ready to clone grab a cut out of your cup cut off all growth expect the top couple leafs trim the tips of the leafs off the cut at a 45 angle just below the node I like to do a light scraping with my scissors at the bottom of the clone dip the tip in the cloning jel be generous put it in the peat puck pinch it in tight so no air can get in once you fill the try put the lid on make sure the vents are closed leave lid on for four days straight day five take the lid off wait for them to start to wilt put the lid back on when you see wilting or after ten mins on the first lid lift and go a bit longer each day when you see roots starting to pop crack vents for a day or two then fully open vents as well as removing lids for a good amount of time

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