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  1. Hey guys. I just cut off some clones from the mother plant. I put rooting hormone gel on the stem that had a 45 degree cut, and I planted it into some coco soil, in a jiffy pot. The pots are in a homemade humidity dome. Now I was wondering, what should their light schedule be?
  2. I personally just keep mine under a couple small CFL 24/0 until I see roots then I move them to whatever I do with my veg plants. I personally root mine in jiffy pellets though. I also personally don't use humidity domes I hate them lol always gave me problems and I've never had a problem rooting without them.

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  3. What should the average humidity be for clones? Does it really matter..?
  4. My humidity stayed at around 50-60% without a dome... the first few days I mist but after that I just water my jiffy pellets (or any substrate) as needed and go from there.. I don't chop my leaves off or anything and I root clones fine here's a pic of one of the tops of my plants I rooted lol [​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. And how long does it take for it to root like that?
  6. That took one week... however that bagseed roots fast as hell... my special queen can take a solid 2-3 weeks before seeing roots sometimes
    Sooner just depends.

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  7. Is that with or without rooting hormone gel?
  8. Without. I have some K-N-L I tried on some but I didn't notice a major difference so I didn't continue with it.

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  10. Very carefully o_O lol

    Idk it just works for me man... I use jiffy pellets and water I keep them in the tray they come in but I toss the top... I don't like keeping the leaves soaking wet that's why I only spray the first couple days then just rewater the jiffy pellets every few days or as needed let them dry decently before rewatering and keep doing that until you see roots

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  11. Crazy

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