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  1. Hey everybody hope all is well, I had a quick question about clones. So there is a guy my girlfriend met that is trying to get people to grow out a blue dream strain for him. We tried a sample of it and it is really good something that we are interested in, however, the dilemma we are facing is that he grows with chemicals. I was just wondering what would happen to both the plant and most importantly my soil mix if we took a clone off his blue dream? I was thinking we could get a cup full of our soil mix and take it there chop the branch off and place it in the soil but I am not sure if the lingering chemicals in the cutting would kill microbes in my soil? It would be nice to get the clone but not at the risk of my soil.

  2. how i've taken clones, with a 10/10 success rate so far, is through using a bubbble cloner. i cut (5) 1-3/4" holes in the top of a 5 gallon bucket lid and slipped neoprene inserts in the holes. i then filled the bucket with water with only about an inch remaining in the top. i ran some fish tank aerators/bubblers to the bottom of the bucket to keep the water aerated and run 24/7. you submerge the cutting about an inch below the bubbling water and a week or two later you have roots.
    i have been running a fully organic, water only soil mix from the beginning. I honestly don't think the nutrients will have that much effect after it's ran through the bubbler for a week or two growing roots. by then i think all the excess or unneeded chemicals would have been used up or leached out by the water, i think your microbes can fight off the chemicals anywho they are living organisms that are active and reactive, if you just wanted to go for it. but i would most certainly take the cutting and show the guy the potential of his weed through growing organic ;) good luck mate
  3. Well I think you could flush and then start the plant on organic nutes.
  4. whatever chemicals are in the plant aren't going to get into your soil, as it grows it will be built off your nutrients, whatever's already in it is incredibly negligible (1/10 of 1/10 of 1% difference, even the most accurate connoisseur couldn't tell organic buds that were started from a chem plant cut vs organic) 
  5. flush what?  he's just getting a cut off the mother, not a planted clone or anything
  6. I don't believe the plant puts any nutrients into the soil just takes what it needs from the soil. This clone you will be taking will not effect your soil IMO ;)
  7. I was under the impression he was buying rooted clones that were treated with chemical nutes. My bad. I got a little confused while reading the OP.
    The bubble cloner sounds very interesting, I will look into that. Great point about showing him what organics can do, I currently am on week 8 of what I believe is a 9 week strain, my first organic plant she is smelling amazing can not wait to smoke her she is getting real fat right now as well.
    Sorry for the confusion ganj, if I were to take a clone I would want to make sure it was not directly in any chemical soil. I want to be as safe as possible with the money and time I have spent with my mix. I would much rather start from seed for multiple reasons but this is a great strain and I can only imagine what organics could do for it.
  9. Just take the clone and switch to your method. It'll use what you give it, natural or artificial. 
  10. water and VAM....
    I'm a believer.
    *If you want to go for speed, add a bit of fulvic acid, potassium silica and aloe vera juice to the water before soaking cuttings in it.
  11. Well if you think about it, the plant isn't going to take a crap into your soil. So all in all it shouldn't effect your soil in any way or form.

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