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  1. starting a new batch today. 50 gallon fish tank covered with mylar. Two trays, one with seeds and one with clones. Will post weekly changes (or every two weeks). Advantages of seeds: don't really know, probably are none, I just like the challenge

    Advantage of clones: well, I know they are all female, I know they are healthy, I know what kind of bud they produce, I know the grow process is shorter...

    Stay tuned...

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  6. pic ??? lost track

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  7. what are those circle things the plans are growin out of
  8. They are called jiffy pellets. They are little peat moss and a variety of other fert and dirt wrapped in a wire mesh. When you get them they are dry and only about a quarter of an inch thick. You put them in water and they expand. Then you put your seed or clone in it and wait until the roots are growing through the mesh. When this happens it is time to transplant into soil.
  9. when the roots start showing I will post a picture of them and a dry pellet for comparison.

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