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  1. I'm going to be doing my first grow outdoors shortly and I am looking for advice on starting. Would it be wise to order and germinate the seeds (knowing it may be 20 days from today to be delivered), or should I save myself the hassle and buy clones from a colorado dispensary and begin my grow earlier? My main concern with ordering>germinating is the time frame (is there such a thing as starting too late?), and my main concern with clones is pests and sheisty dispensaries. Can anyone testify to these things?
  2. Try a mix of both, start with clones and later plant seeds, see which method you feel more comfortable doing.

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  3. I can give you some more in depth info on this, I've dealt with several CO dispensaries, but you seem to already know the risks. Also consider when you buy clones, you don't know how many time the mother plant has been chopped. An old mother is going to lose potency, while growing from the seed ensures maximum strength. Also from the seed you get symmetrical branch growth if you care about that. Sorry I think I am a little biased towards growing from the seed haha, I am however a new grower so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. Seeds put down a tap root that can grow many lateral feeder roots a clone has no tap root so it grows lateral roots only from the stem that has rooted. Out doors in soil the seed would be good and in smart pots a clone. Seeds for me do better than clones
  5. Really great point. A seed's root system can truly flourish outdoors
  6. Both have benefits. Seeds take longer, you have to sex them (unless you go fem beans). Clones are faster and already sexed. If you can get clones from a trusted friend, that might be better then a dispensary.

    Btw, clones don't lose potency. There are cuts floating around the world that are 30+ years old. There is a reason they have been kept that long.

    And I have seen clones grown just as healthy outside as seeds so don't let this tap root/lateral root thing bind you up.

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  7. Imo working from seed and getting to understand the plants full life cycle is best to start off with. Both have their pluses and minuses but seed is a great way to get to know your favorite herb it her entirety

    I have gotten to the point where my seeds root just as quick as my clones, so I'm only set back about a week compared to cloning. I'm sure of I got better at cloning though I could cut down my rooting time slightly.

    In the end the choice is yours, but nothing wrong with either one!

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  8. What I meant by clones being faster is that once they have roots, they take off. And clones start out 3-6" tall depending on how big you cut them. Seeds take 4-6 weeks to sex and mature. You will have a 24" tall clone in that time.

    I agree with the last poster, starting from seed will get you familiar with the whole process!

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  9. I've heard growing from the seed can be up to 25% stronger than a clone from a mother who has been chopped 10+ times. Is this incorrect? Sorry I am a new grower...I am still learning too
  10. ^^^^ stoner science!!! If a plant is kept healthy, she will produce healthy cuts. People would not keep cloning plants if they lost 25% in potency. Your skill level as a grower will determine the potency of your cannabis more then anything as a beginner.

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