Clones; some doing better than one.

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  1. Hey guys, well I bought some clones,last Wednesday; on the 25th. I quarantined them for 3 days, I then transplanted one, to test the waters since this is my first grow, it stayed strong for two days, seen some verrrrry slight discoloration at top, enough to catch my attention. Not enough to cause concern. So I went ahead and transplanted the last two clones. I put them on there and the first one started to slowly droop more and more, while the other two are doing great. I just wanted to know what would cause it to do this? Would it be the strain as well?
    I read that it could be underwatered, I watered yesterday. Don't know what to do, should I give up on the black water og?
    Top left: platinum Girl Scout cookies
    Bottom middle: black water og
    Top right: northern lights
    Picture of lone plant is the black water og that slowly started drooping, is it too late?

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  2. In my experience, going from a high humidity t5 lit environment to a grow light in a tent can be stressful.

    Put a plastic cup or bowl over your plant to increase the RH to 100% and leave it for a few days. It should recover.
  3. Hi . Above right about getting them stong but i take cuttings and wen rooted i put straigh in small soil pot and back under t5. Yrs loved shocked and if they were rookwool clones or any clones for that matter then looks like siol way too hot and nute burned em. Too much for em to cope wi. Humidity seems not bad . I clone between 60/90 and 72^ temps under propagater. Humidity ant dun this its ya siol and shock. Wat siol/medium is it and did ya ph? Xxx
  4. Thanks, sorry for the late reply, haven't been on here. I also forgot to mention, the black water og happened to have the smallest roots of the 3, so I found out that ha a major role in its death, lol. But the other two are still doing great, getting bigger.

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