Clones of clones - That bad of an idea?

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  1. Ok let's say I grow a couple plants (2). During their life, I will take 1 clone of each plant.

    After the original plants are harvested and cured months down the road, I determine which plant I want to use (which clone to use).

    By this point, the clones are quite large. I throw away the clone which I didn't pick. Because of the size of the clone at this point and/or my OCD way of doing things MY way, i take 3 clones (cuttings) from the original "clone." I then toss this "clone" mother plant and start from scratch with 3 small cuttings. Or if you want to put it a different way, clones of a clone.

    Am I doomed to get bad genetics? No where have I ever seen this discussed even though I've always wondered. Discuss!
  2. clones of clones of clones of clones will not hurt anything. :)
  3. Thats exactly how some people keep a certain strain they like alive just keep taking cuttings and when your sure they have rooted do what ever you want with the mothers like flower them . As for the " bad genetics" question No you wont because you have never crossed them genetically there still the exact same plant you started with years ago . hope this helps

  4. True potency won't be reduced by taking clones from clones.

    nesgames, Why don't you just do what you have planned up until the point where you kill or flower the original mother. Don't keep trashing or flowering her switching your cloning mother to a more immature version. It takes time for enough side branches to grow so that clones can be taken. Just keep the original cloning mother that you know and have smoked, in veg, indefinitely. Constantly flowering the cloning mother and having a new one be the mother wastes a lot of time and energy. I did it that way for years because I was impatient. Just keep one plant as the designated cloning mother and keep her forever.
  5. keep the mother alive. The whole point behind this is that after I have smokeable bud, I like to not have any gigantic or budding plants in my house. I wouldn't mind a few tiny plants (clones), but usually by the 3rd month my nerves and stress get to me and I like to take a break for a little bit. Hope you know what I mean.
  6. Gotcha. I might have to do the same soon. LoL.
    Oh well, clones of clones of clones will always be fine then.
  7. hold on a sec guys. he original mother plant can be kept alive indefinitely? I thought the plants had a lifespan and would hermie in order to reproduce with itself if it got too old.

    But I'm reading here that you can keep the original seed mother plant alive?
  8. For fifty years if you have the spot to keep her in. I've kept plants alive for 7-8 years before.

    By rights it should grow forever if maintained. I would highly suggest soil for "easy to take care of" moms.

  9. taking clones of clones is fine but you won't be getting a better plant than the original

    mother since its the same genetics from the mother you're not really changing it so all the

    clones should grow very similar and produce the same potency you're not altering any

  10. indeed but what I'm looking for is genetic degradation. Because the full geneteic capability of the plant is not utilized until the grower completely dials in the plant. although the plant genetics are the same the grower still has room for improvement to take advantage of the plants genes.
  11. What ? ^^^^ I didn't understand what you just said.
  12. It's the same exact code.

    If it is the bomb, sex it and get some seeds for an even longer bloodline shared with your bros.

    Great clones of great clones of great clones be mighty good! Clone on!!! :hello:
  13. I'm just saying the plant geneteics aren't fully utilized until the grower gets better.

  14. Right on the dot ^^^^^
  15. If the clones are anything like animal clones going to DNA will continue to age with each clone. Normally for animals this would mean that the clones but all died around the same age, but with plants, since they are technically immortal would be a good thing.

    If true then the clones will continue to evolve and turn into better plants... theoretically speaking of course.

    At the very least they will stay the same and not degrade over time.
  16. cloning plants is a little bit like cloning animals. The clone is as old as the mother and will die in the same amount of time as the mother. If they even have mortality.

    When you clone a human, the dna will be at the same degradation as the one cloned and continue until they both die at the same time.

    Even with animals you can clone a clone, so why not plants!

    Science bitch!
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  17. Agreed.

    I had the same strain for over 3 years, every time the yields were about the same and the potency never changed.

    Cloning takes all of 5 minutes to do and it shaves a bunch of time off vegging, clones grow faster and usually are stronger so topping wont hurt them.
  18. I kept a mother for 4 years once. now I let them go after about 6 months cause they can get too big.

    now I know a guy who cloned clones and so forth. After about 3-4 years of the same strain it became known as "pretendica". It looked amazing but the potency was just not there anymore.

    Ive heard from the pros that starting from seed or the original mother that came from seed is the best way to go. It seems to be the degradation comes in the long term. Most people nowadays switch strains more often than that so they always have new seeds
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    I would just like to add that since the clone is the same age as the mother it also comes with the maturity of the mother so that is why flowering clones is so easy 🌎

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