Clones in Decline (First try)

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  1. Hello, I have 8 clones from 3 different bag seed plants going right now. They were taken 10 days ago. They have all started to yellow and look generally sick. The mothers are also yellowing, but at a much slower rate. I took them when the girls were about 3 weeks into flower.

    Light- 23 watt 6700, 25 watt inadescent(heat) 24/0
    medium- perlite stems dipped in gel
    water- ph 5.5-6.0, drop-o-superthrive
    temp- 79-81
    I keep a lose bag over them for humidity

    They look quite alive, so know they are doing something, i am just concerned.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. I checked one that was very loose in the perlite today. There is something going on, but no clear roots. I took a picture for tommorow, im tired .
  3. if you do not see a root system, and they continue to yellow it's perfectly normal.
    it means ur plants are using energy to create that root system.
    just be patient and keep humidity levels up.

    btw you should have snipped your leaves, when you cloned them. you don't want energy going to growth, only to your roots, which allows them to root much faster.
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    Everything he said^^^ + something to chew on: There are two main factors surrounding cloning 1) The plant has energy stored in its leaves that it can use however it likes. It will use this energy to act when it is guided by certain environmental cues. Therefore if you keep the lower stems away from light, and in a moist, subterranean environment they will respond to those cues to produce a rooting hormone which in turn will produce roots. 2) H2O on the other hand is simply a necessary requirement. Without preexisting roots, survival is limited by their intake of water; thus the high RH so that even though the leaves are not being supplied with water the plant as a whole can easily retain its supplies.
  5. I agree with most of what both of the above said as well. It's important to keep your RH up there at about 85%, do you know what your RH is now? I have never rooted in a complete perlite mix but 5.5 to 6.0 seems like your pH is a bit low. I know perlite is a soilless grow medium but it's not hydro. Hydro wants a pH of 5.0 to 6.0 but perhaps perlite needs to be a bit higher more close to a norm soil pH of 6.5 to 6.8????

    The 2nd person said something about moving your stems (I assume they meant clones) away from the light to a subterranean environment. I'm not gonna say this person is totally wrong but that doesn't make any sense to me. Clones want 24hr/day light ... at least that's what all my research has shown me.

    Spray the inside of your plastic bag/humidity dome with water once a day. This will help keep your RH up and it will provide water that the clones can foliar feed from.

    Good luck.;)
  6. DIY I was talking about the part of the stem that you want to root, of course the top should get 24hr light.
  7. Hello everybody, first off i just want to say thank you. I am not sure of the exact humidity but i spray them once or twice a day and cover with a bag, it looks very humid inside with water droplets always on the bag..and hey, they are alive, so they are drinking somehow. SmknV advised me to keep the clones at about 5.5 for straight perlite, not saying that you are not credible, but i am trying to replicate his method as best i can. Here is a pic of one i checked on, i shouldn't have, but i did. they are 11 days in.

    Btw this is pic 420 on my comp...Nice:hello:

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  8. Yeah perlite is a soilless medium so I guess it kinda makes sense that it would have the same pH as hydro which is also a soilless medium. Good to know for future reference. Vtek knows what he's talkin about.

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