Cloneing question

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jester87k, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So do you all recommend you do a mother? or is it possible to clip Clone from each plant right before u switch to budding? Or would the current plants be budding to long for u to keep clones out of a good grow house?
  2. mother is good for some not others seeds grow different than clones so it all depends you can clone before flower but cloning after flower will shock clones plants will flower normally for 8-10 weeks will need separate chamber for clone growth nothing special tho
  3. well im spending around 800-900 on my setup

    How much extra am i looking at to build a Clone setup and Mother Set up?
    + im doing a Tent for main grow? is there anything cheaper i can keep Mother/Clones in?
  4. depending on the size of your tent it might have a divider which is made for using mother/veg and flower rooms if not then any size room will work 2x2x4 2x4x4 clones only need a week or two to est roots then are ready to grow in hydro or soil i use a random cabinet purchased from walmart its 1x2x4 and made with shelves which have been removed cost about 30 dollars

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